Unlock Your Hair’s True Potential with NEW Fermented Rice Water Hair Growth Spray



Do you dream of having lush, flowing locks but struggle with lackluster, thin hair? Introducing the revolutionary NEW Fermented Rice Water Hair Growth Spray – an ancient hair care secret turned modern hair growth miracle.

This unique formula takes the powerful benefits of fermented rice water and fortifies it with rosemary, biotin, caffeine, keratin and other top natural ingredients applauded by science for stimulating hair growth. Each ingredient works synergistically to optimize hair health and help you achieve your hair goals.

Scalp-Stimulating Formula for All Hair Types

Our hair growth spray is inspired by the same exact fermented rice water recipe used for centuries by the Yao women in China, known for their extraordinarily long hair that reaches the ground! We’ve taken their time-honored tradition and perfected the formula to create a light, non-greasy spray that moisturizes hair, invigorates the scalp and improves hair thickness and length.

This leave-in treatment is suitable for all hair types – curly, straight, fine or coarse. Both women and men can benefit from improved hair health and accelerated growth results. The nourishing ingredients penetrate the hair strands to strengthen from within while stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. This creates the optimum environment for your hair to thrive and grow to its maximum potential!

The Power of Rice Water – Fortified for Fast Results

Rice water itself contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids that benefit hair. The fermentation process increases potency and maximizes the benefits. Our rice water is double-fermented for extra strength.

We further optimized the formula by adding key ingredients:

Rosemary – Stimulates blood flow to the scalp to boost growth

Biotin – Essential B vitamin that thickens hair strands

Caffeine – Energizes and revitalizes follicles for faster growth

Keratin – Fortifies and repairs damage for stronger, shinier hair

These natural active ingredients work synergistically with the fermented rice water base to take your hair to the next level.

Specialized Care – Zero Grease or Residue

Unlike greasy rice hair oils, our innovative spray formula is light, fast-absorbing and designed specifically for optimal hair and scalp absorption. It leaves zero oily residue or product buildup.

The vegan, non-GMO formula is also free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and artificial fragrances. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients to nourish your hair.

Simple, Fast & Effective Hair Care

Get salon-worthy hair growth results from the comfort of home! Our spray applicator delivers the perfect amount of product directly onto scalp and hair. Application takes just minutes:

Shake bottle before use.
Section clean, damp hair and spray directly onto scalp.
Gently massage in. Do not rinse. Style as usual.
Use 1-2 times per day for best results. For optimal thickness and growth, use for minimum of 4 weeks.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident our fermented rice water spray will deliver unmatched hair revitalization and growth. We back up that confidence with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

If you’re not fully satisfied with the thickness, growth and shine you achieve, simply contact us for a hassle-free refund.

Unlock the Secret to Your Healthiest, Strongest Hair

Don’t settle for lackluster locks a moment longer! Get the thick, flowing, gorgeous hair you deserve with NEW Fermented Rice Water Hair Growth Spray today. This nourishing treatment stimulates growth, repairs damage and transforms hair from root to tip.


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