Unleash the Power of Length with Maybelline New York Illegal Length Mascara



Get ready to break the law with Maybelline’s new fiber extension mascara that gives you instant, dramatic length beyond limits! This innovative mascara formula gives you 4mm of measurable fiber extensions with every coat for the blackest, longest lashes you’ve ever seen.

Lengthen and Lift Every Lash

The unique Fiber-Fix brush was designed to grip each lash from root to tip, ensuring the fiber extensions adhere perfectly. The bristles comb and separate each lash, coating them fully for optimal fiber placement. Just a few strokes and your lashes will extend far beyond their natural length.

No Flakes or Smudges

The lightweight formula glides on smoothly and dries quickly without clumping or flaking. The flexible fibers seamlessly bind to your natural lashes to resist smudging and transfer. Even after wearing all day into the night, your lashes will still look freshly applied.

Buildable, Intense Black Color

Layer on multiple coats to intensify the black fiber extensions. The highly pigmented formula was developed to be buildable so you can customize the level of dramatic length. Get ready for the blackest lashes that even the best waterproof mascaras can’t compete with.

No Need for False Lashes

Skip the lash glue and fakes strips – this fiber mascara achieves a falsie look that lasts all day. The smooth, flexible fibers seamlessly extend your natural lashes for a natural yet dramatic lash extension effect. Enjoy lush, voluminous lashes without the hassle of false lashes.

Explore Your Creativity with Maybelline

Maybelline empowers you to embrace your individual beauty and creativity. For over 100 years, Maybelline has been committed to developing innovative, accessible makeup formulated for every style, look and skin tone. From their iconic mascaras to trendsetting lip colors, Maybelline’s NYC edge and fashion-forward expertise elevates any look.

Simple Yet Dramatic

Achieving longer lashes is now simpler than ever. With just a few strokes, the Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara will extend your lashes up to 4mm for a limitless lash look. Skip the lash curler – this mascara lifts and lengthens lashes beyond what you thought was possible.

How to Apply

Start by ensuring lashes are clean and dry. Wiggle the Fiber-Fix brush back and forth from root to tip to coat lashes completely. Let each layer dry before applying the next. For more definition, apply to lower lashes as well. No need to curl lashes beforehand. Remove with waterproof eye makeup remover.

User-Friendly Formula

This innovative mascara formula makes getting longer lashes easy. The fibers grip lashes securely so they stay in place. The smooth, clump-free texture lets you layer on as much length as desired. Perfect if you’re new to fiber mascaras or want an uncomplicated way to extend your lashes.

When You Want to Make a Statement

Stand out from the crowd with noticeably longer lashes. Whether heading out for the night or wanting to accent daytime makeup, this mascara makes a bold impact. Watch lashes transform before your eyes with each coat. Flaunt fuller, extended lashes with serious wow-factor.

Maximize Your Lashes

Take your lashes farther than ever with the illegal lengthening power of fibers. Bind flexible, black fibers to build volume and achieve heightened extension. Get ready to bare your boldest, longest lashes with no rules or limits. Bat those dramatic fiber-fused lashes with confidence.

Compare to Salon Lash Extensions

Get luxurious length rivaling professional lash extensions – without the time-consuming, expensive salon visits. This fiber mascara achieves a customized lash extension look in the comfort of your home. Define and extend your lashes just the way you like. Renew the look daily by simply applying your Illegal Length Mascara.

Cruelty-Free Formula

Maybelline mascaras are formulated without testing on animals. The brand is dedicated to delivering accessible, on-trend makeup produced through cruelty-free practices. Feel good knowing your lengthened lashes come courtesy of conscience beauty practices.

Waterproof Available

Take your illegal length lashes anywhere with confidence. The waterproof version provides smudge-proof, transfer-resistant longevity for up to 24 hours. Stay dramatic from your morning commute through days filled with mask-wearing, workouts or plunges in the pool.

Break Every Rule of Lash Length with Maybelline

Defy lash limits and expectations with Maybelline New York’s fiber-infused Illegal Length Mascara. Get ready to flaunt the longest, fullest lashes imaginable with this innovative, easy-to-use formula. Unleash your inner lash lawbreaker and enjoy the illegally long lashes you’ve always desired!


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