Treat Yourself to Gentle Daily Exfoliation with MainBasics’ Luxurious Loofah Set



Indulge in a soothing, spa-like scrubbing experience with MainBasics’ set of 3 ultra-soft loofah shower poufs. The finely woven mesh gently buffs away dull skin for a refreshed, smooth feel from head to toe.

Luxuriously Plush Woven Mesh

Crafted from premium quality, ultra-fine filaments, our loofah sponges offer a delicate luxurious feel. The high filament count results in a lush, dense pouf that generates a rich lather for a gently invigorating cleanse.

Deep Cleansing Without Harsh Scratching

Our loofah scrubbers provide exfoliating action to sweep away dull skin cells and energize skin. But the incredibly soft texture ensures zero harsh scratching or irritation, even on delicate areas. Leaves all skin types fresh and renewed, not raw.

Maximizes Lather with Less Product

The loofah’s bountiful surface area lets you generate mounds of rich, creamy lather, even with a small amount of body wash or soap. The pouf design helps whip up moisture-locking suds. Rinses cleanly without leaving residue.

Dries Quickly Between Uses

The lightweight, fast-drying mesh prevents bacteria buildup between uses. It allows airflow to wick away moisture rather than holding it in. Quickly dries even when hanging in a humid bathroom.

Hanging Loop for Tidy Storage

Each loofah includes a woven hanging loop so you can neatly store it between scrubbings. Easily hooks onto a shower rod or bathroom hook to avoid clutter. Also great for travel.

Perfect for the Entire Family

Our set of 3 loofah sponges supplies enough for mom, dad, and a kid to all have their own pouf. Provides value and convenience. Or keep extras on hand for replacing monthly.

Revive Dull Skin Anytime

Pamper your body with gentle rejuvenation anytime! Our loofah scrubs away lackluster cells to reveal glowing, healthy-looking skin year-round. Bring the spa home.

Soft Texture is Non-Irritating

Our loofah’s ultra-plush woven material lightly sweeps away dead cells without any poking or harsh scratches that can cause redness. Rinses clean without residue. Leaves zero skin irritation.

Fresh, Feminine Airy Blossom Scent

Enjoy a light, uplifting floral scent as you bathe. The refreshing blossom fragrance adds to the spa-like experience and lingers on skin after rinsing. Subtly scented.

Monthly Replacement Recommended

For optimal hygiene, we suggest replacing your loofah about every 4 weeks. Our 3-pack makes it easy and affordable to toss monthly. Keeps your scrubbing sessions fresh and clean.

Treat Yourself to Luxury

Pamper your skin to the gentle exfoliating it deserves! Our MainBasics Loofah Set brings the spa home. Experience the difference of a lush pouf. Add to cart now.


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