Refresh Your Body from Head to Toe with MainBasics’ All-Natural Boar Bristle Dry Brush



Reveal your smoothest, softest skin ever with MainBasics’ Dry Body Brush. Using gentle yet effective boar bristles, this brush sweeps away dead skin cells for a fresh, radiant look and feel all over. It also boosts circulation and lymphatic flow.

Gentle Real Boar Bristles Won’t Irritate

Our body brush features natural boar bristles that provide exfoliating action while still being gentle on all skin types. The soft bristles lightly polish skin without scratching or causing redness. Synthetic bristles can be harsh, but these feel soothing.

Refresh Dull, Dry Skin from Head to Toe

Sweep away dead skin cells all over your body with ease using the brush’s extended handle and compact head. Reach your back, legs, feet and anywhere else needing exfoliating. See glowing results instantly.

Use Dry or Wet for Custom Exfoliation

Dry brush before your shower to vigorously slough off dead cells or use wet in the shower for lighter exfoliating. Adjust according to your skin’s needs each day. Wet use generates a rich lather too!

compact Head Maneuvers Easily in Small Areas

The ergonomic, rounded brush head fits perfectly in your palm but also maneuvers into small areas like knees, elbows, and feet. Convenient for thorough yet gentle exfoliating all over.

Stimulate Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage

The invigorating gentle brushing action helps stimulate blood flow to skin’s surface for a healthy, natural glow. It also helps boost lymphatic drainage which detoxifies and strengthens immunity.

Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

By encouraging lymphatic flow and breaking up trapped toxins, dry brushing can minimize the lumpy look of cellulite. Use circular motions over problem areas to diminish dimpling.

Smooth Skin Maximizes Benefits of Lotions

Exfoliating creates the perfect silky canvas to help lotions and creams better absorb. Your moisturizers will work more effectively after brushing away dead cells.

Sturdy Handle Provides Firm Control

The brush’s lacquered wood handle gives you a sturdy grip so you can apply ideal pressure across all areas of skin. Use firmer strokes where skin is toughest.

Pamper Your Body with a Rejuvenating Ritual

Make dry brushing part of your regular routine and enjoy its beautifying and detoxifying effects. Just a few minutes a day provides refreshing renewal. Love your skin again!


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