Refresh and Revitalize with the MainBasics Dual-Sided Back Scrubber



Tired of struggling to reach your back in the shower? The MainBasics Back Scrubber is designed to make full-body cleansing a breeze! This innovative dual-sided brush features both soft nylon bristles and stiff natural bristles to gently exfoliate and deep clean.

Extended 17 Inch Handle Reaches Everywhere

The extra long 17 inch handle is made of sturdy wood and allows you to easily scrub all those hard-to-reach spots on your back, shoulders, legs, and feet without straining. No more tangled shower loofahs or asking someone to scrub your back again!

Ergonomic Grip Provides Total Control

The brushed aluminum handle is shaped to fit comfortably in your hand and provides a secure grip, even when wet. Rubberized accents ensure your hand stays in place for total scrubbing control. An hanging loop makes storage simple.

Dual-Sided Design Options

One side features soft, flexible nylon bristles that gently massage and stimulate the skin. Great for lathering up soap or applying body wash. The other side has stiffer natural bristles that exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from elbows, knees, feet and other areas needing deeper cleaning.

Extra Scrubbing Surface Area

With its wide 4 inch surface area, you can cover more skin with each pass and cut down on scrubbing time. The stiff bristle side provides just the right amount of resistance to really get into rough spots like calluses on heels.

Gentle Enough for Daily Use

While the natural bristles offer thorough exfoliating action, they are not overly harsh or abrasive to use each day. Removes dull surface cells without irritation on sensitive areas like face or neck. Leaves skin fresh and renewed.

Prep Skin Before Shaving

Use the exfoliating bristles before shaving to sweep away dead cells and prep skin for a closer, smoother shave. Opens pores and allows hairs to stand upright. Also sweeps away ingrown hairs.

Improves Circulation and Detoxifies

A quick dry brushing before your shower jumpstarts blood circulation for a healthy glow and helps boost collagen. It also sloughs off stale skin cells and improves lymphatic drainage to detox. Leaves skin silky smooth.

Dries Quickly Between Uses

The hardwood handle resists moisture damage and allows the brush to dry out fully between uses to prevent bacteria buildup. Quickly dries even when hanging in humid shower area.

Easy Maintenance

To clean, simply use mild soap and warm water. Agitate bristles to release any loose hair or skin, rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Air dry brush with hanger loop facing up to preserve bristle shape.

Refresh and Rejuvenate Skin

Pamper yourself with the MainBasics Dual-Sided Back Scrubber! Its innovative design helps you effortlessly cleanse and exfoliate from head to toe. Order yours today!


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