O Boticário Malbec Eau de Toilette – A Sophisticated Masculine Scent Infused with French Oak Barrel-Aged Red Wine



Transport your senses to the vineyards of France with the O Boticário Malbec Eau de Toilette. This luxurious men’s fragrance brilliantly captures the rich aroma of aged red wine, infusing woody warmth with a modern twist.

An Elegant Expression of Refined Taste

Malbec reinvents the classic cologne, crafted in the tradition of fine French perfumery. While typical men’s fragrances rely on citrus and aquatic notes, Malbec stakes its claim on richer, deeper layers. This woody amber perfume opens with vibrant bergamot before melting into soothing midnotes of oakmoss, tonka bean, and vanilla. The star of the show is Malbec wine distillate, aged patiently in oak barrels to achieve its signature velvety richness.

This intricate blending of natural essences results in a beautifully smooth, well-rounded scent profile. Malbec is the perfect signature fragrance for the sophisticated gentleman who appreciates quality craftsmanship.

All-Day Freshness in an Irresistible Masculine Scent

Thoughtfully designed for longevity, Malbec maintains its bold presence for hours. The natural oils cling close to the skin, unfolding gracefully without ever turning sharp or synthetic.

With alluring depth and texture, this cologne’s blend of smoky woods, smooth oak, and vanilla makes it universally appealing. Women are sure to find its warm, enveloping trail simply irresistible. For the confident, charismatic man, Malbec is a wardrobe essential.

Wine-Based Fragrance Made for Special Occasions

While fantastic for everyday wear, Malbec truly shines on occasions that call for a little extra sophistication. Its rich, full-bodied notes make it perfect for:

  • Dates – Set the mood with this intoxicating scent.
  • Evenings out – Exude confidence for a big night on the town.
  • Special events – Make a stylish impression at upscale gatherings.
  • Travel – With excellent longevity, it’s ideal for life on the go.

As a concentrated Eau de Toilette, Malbec only takes a light spritz to make its mark. The conveniently sized 3.4 oz bottle slips easily into a dopp kit or suitcase.

Crafted with Expert Care by Perfumers in Brazil

O Boticário prides itself on using carefully chosen ingredients to craft luxurious fragrances. As the world’s first wine-based men’s perfume, Malbec sources its fragrant red wine distillate from premier growing regions in France.

To lend warmth and depth, the distillate is then aged patiently in oak barrels. Finally, O Boticário’s skilled perfumers in Brazil artfully blend these precious extracts with complementary essences. The result is a daring, sophisticated scent for the global gentleman.

Cruelty-Free and Ready to Wear With Confidence

You can feel good about choosing this conscientiously created perfume. O Boticário never tests finished products or ingredients on animals, staying true to its cruelty-free values.

For the discerning man ready to upgrade his fragrance collection, Malbec is the clear choice. Its rich complexity stands out from the crowd of common men’s colognes. Feel bold, elegant, and completely irresistible with this must-have bottle by your side.

Product Details:

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Green Leaves, Cardamom
  • Heart Notes: Red Wine Distillate, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Cedarwood
  • Fragrance Family: Warm & Woody
  • Scent Type: Sophisticated & Sensual
  • Key Notes: French Oak Barrel-Aged Red Wine
  • Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Bottle Size: 3.4 fl oz

Treat yourself to the one-of-a-kind Malbec Eau de Toilette today.


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