NIACONN Fairy Hair Tinsel Extensions Kit – Add Magical Rainbow Locks in Minutes!



Give your hair an instant magical makeover with the NIACONN Fairy Hair Tinsel Extensions Kit. This kit includes everything you need to easily add 3600 strands of colorful tinsel extensions for a fun and festive look.

With 18 vivid colors to choose from like pink, purple, blue, green, orange, red and more, you can create unique colorful highlights, dip-dyed ends or a full head of rainbow locks. The lightweight polyester tinsel strands are heat resistant up to 400°F, so you can curl, straighten and style them any way you like after installation.

Transforms Your Look in Minutes

It only takes minutes to install these glittery hair tinsel extensions! Simply take a small section of your own hair and attach a microbead to the end. Then thread a tinsel strand through the bead and clamp it shut with the included pliers to secure. Repeat with the rest of your hair and in no time you’ll have gorgeous glittering strands throughout your locks.

The microbeads keep the lightweight tinsel securely attached, so you don’t have to worry about shedding or breakage. And since they’re only attached to tiny sections, the tinsel extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair. No one will know they aren’t real!

Vibrant, Non-Fading Color

These fairy hair extensions really make a statement! The vibrant non-fading colors look absolutely stunning and add an instant pop of fun flair.

The tinsel strands have a subtle sparkle that catches the light beautifully. Get ready to mesmerize everyone with your new head-turning hairstyle!

Heat Resistant for Styling Versatility

While some hair extensions can’t withstand heat, you can style these fairy hair tinsel extensions with hot tools to customize your look. Use a flat iron to straighten the strands or a curling wand to add soft waves or bouncy curls. The extensions can withstand temperatures up to 400°F.

You can also use hair dryers and hairspray worry-free. The heat-resistant polyester film won’t melt or deform, so you can style the extensions however you like.

Durable and Easy Maintenance

Don’t worry about special care for these magical extensions. The smooth polyester strands are durable and won’t mat, shrink or deform with washing and brushing. Just treat them like your own hair!

The microbead attachment prevents shedding or breakage. You can expect the colorful tinsel strands to last for many wears as long as they are installed properly.

When you’re ready for a change, the extensions can be easily removed by cutting the microbead off your hair. No harsh chemicals or solvents needed!

Fun for All Ages & Hair Types

Fairy hair is perfect for anyone looking to experiment with a fun, temporary hair makeover! It’s great for dress-up play, cosplay, parties, concerts, Halloween, school events, or just a sparkly day out.

The lightweight extensions can be worn by kids, teens and adults. They’ll instantly transform any hairstyle – whether you have long, short, straight or curly hair. Add a few strands for subtle pops of color or go all out with a rainbow of shiny strands from root to tip!

Over 3600 Strands for Endless Styling Options

This hair tinsel kit includes 200 microbeads for attaching strands, along with over 3600 colorful tinsel strands so you can highlight and accent your hair in endless ways.

With so many strands, you can create any dreamy unicorn-inspired look you can imagine. Braid them, twist them, crimp them – the styling possibilities are endless!

Complete DIY Kit for Quick & Easy Install

Everything you need for a fun DIY tinsel hair makeover is included in this kit:

3600 strands of heat resistant fairy hair tinsel in 18 vivid colors – 200 microbeads for securing the tinsel strands
1 pair of pliers for clamping beads shut
1 crochet hook for easy bead installation
1 threader/hook tool for weaving strands through beads
With the handy tools and easy step-by-step instructions, anyone can install these magical extensions at home. No salon trip needed!

In just minutes you can highlight your hair with these glittery strands. Your new fairy hair will turn heads everywhere you go.

Add Whimsy and Sparkle to Any Hairstyle

Tinsel extensions are the perfect accessory to liven up any look for kids and adults alike. These heat-resistant fairy hair strands add a gorgeous pop of vibrant color and whimsical shine.

They’re great for:

Costumes, cosplay or dress up
Birthdays, holidays, festivals and parties
Concerts, raves and music festivals
Weddings and proms
Sports events and cheerleading
Everyday wear
Slip in a few strands for subtle pops of color and shine or go bold with full rainbow hair for a truly magical transformation!

Create Unique Looks With 18 Vibrant Colors

The NIACONN fairy hair tinsel kit includes a mix of 18 brilliant colors so you can get creative with your new look.

The kit includes strands in:

Multicolor mixes
Whether you want to accent your hair with a few subtle strands or do a full rainbow look, you have a gorgeous spectrum of shades to work with.

Coordinate with your outfit, match your mood or go for a striking color melt – the possibilities are endless! Dare to experiment.

Take Your Hair From Drab to Fab!

Boost your style with whimsical, colorful highlights in just minutes! Simply secure the heat-resistant tinsel strands to small sections of your hair with microbeads and clamp shut.

You’ll have gorgeous mermaid-worthy locks that instantly upgrade any look. Sparkle on!


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