Nexxus Volumizing Foam Hair Mousse – Lift Fine Hair & Add Major Volume with This Salon-Quality Styling Mousse



Achieve show-stopping volume and lift for your fine or limp hair with the Nexxus Volumizing Foam Hair Mousse. This luxurious volumizing mousse is specially formulated to add long-lasting body and fullness to your hairstyle while retaining natural movement.

Lift Fine Hair & Create Major Volume

If you have fine, thin, or limp hair, it can be hard to achieve big, voluminous styles that really make a statement. This volumizing mousse is enriched with proteins and ceramides to help thicken hair strands while providing a strong, flexible hold. The rich foam texture lifts hair from the roots, allowing you to build height and volume exactly where you want it.

Lock In Volume & Block Humidity

Humidity and moisture are the enemies of big, voluminous hairstyles. This salon-quality volumizing mousse contains polymers that coat the hair to lock in volume and provide an anti-humidity barrier. Your style will stay lifted and full of body, even on hot and humid days.

Define Texture & Add Root Lift

Use this hair volume mousse to add texture, movement, and extra lift right at the roots. The unique foam texture allows you to evenly distribute the mousse where you need volume the most. Scrunch into damp hair or apply it at the roots of dry hair and style as desired. The volumizing polymers grip hair and provide just the right amount of hold.

Safe for All Hair Types

Whether you have fine, curly, color treated, or natural hair, this volumizing mousse is gentle enough for daily use. It won’t weigh hair down or leave sticky residue behind. And it’s free of harsh sulfates that can dry out hair. The nourishing formula with keratin protein and ceramides leaves hair touchably soft.

How to Use

For best results, start with clean, damp hair. Dispense a golf ball-sized amount of mousse into your palm and gently distribute through sections of hair from root to tip. Scrunch hair or lift sections while blowdrying using a diffuser attachment to encourage lift and bounce. Style as desired. For extra volume at the roots, apply mousse just at the crown of dry hair and lift sections while blow drying.

Key Features

  • Thickening mousse formula lifts fine or limp hair
  • Builds flexible hold and long-lasting volume exactly where you want it
  • Leaves hair touchably soft without sticky residue
  • Anti-humidity polymers lock in volume and block frizz
  • Keratin protein and ceramides nourish and strengthen hair
  • Safe for daily use on all hair types
  • Salon-quality formula provides natural movement
  • Adds texture and root lift for bold styles

What Stylists are Saying

“This mousse is a must for my fine-haired clients who want serious volume and lift! A little goes a long way and it really takes their styles to the next level.” – Mary, Salon Owner

“I love how flexible the hold is with this mousse. I can create loads of volume while the hair still feels natural and bouncy.” – Jen, Stylist

Frequently Asked Questions

How much mousse should I use?

Start with a golf ball-sized amount applied to damp hair before styling. Add more as needed for extra volume. For fine or short hair, a small dollop is plenty!

Where should I apply the mousse?

Apply from roots to ends for all-over volume. Or, just apply at the crown to target the roots if you want lift at the top.

Can I use this mousse on damp or dry hair?

Yes, this volumizing mousse can be applied to both damp and dry hair depending on your styling preferences.

Will this mousse leave my hair crunchy?

No, this formula provides touchable softness without stiffness or crunchy residue. The flexible polymers provide volume with movement.

Is this mousse safe for color treated hair?

Yes, the nourishing formula is free of sulfates and safe for daily use on color treated hair. The proteins and ceramides actually help maintain color vibrancy.

Love Your Volume-Boosting Mousse

Take your style to new heights with Nexxus Volumizing Foam Hair Mousse. This salon-quality mousse lifts limp locks while locking in long-lasting volume and tantalizing texture.


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