Naturise Organic Cocoa Butter – Deep Hydration for Skin & Hair



Give your skin and hair some extra TLC with Naturise Organic Cocoa Butter. This unrefined cocoa butter is raw and pure, extracted from Peruvian cocoa beans without any added chemicals or preservatives.

Deeply Hydrates Dry, Irritated Skin

The natural emollients in our cocoa butter help lock in moisture, soothing dryness and reducing redness and puffiness. Massage into cracked hands and feet, elbows, or anywhere your skin needs a hydration boost. The vitamins and fatty acids will improve skin tone and texture over time.

Repairs Damaged, Brittle Hair

Raw cocoa butter has the power to transform lackluster locks. Its nourishing properties soften and smooth hair cuticles to stop split ends and breakage in their tracks. Simply melt a teaspoon and work through dry hair and scalp before bedtime. The next morning, your hair will shine with health.

DIY Body Care

With its creamy texture and light cocoa scent, unrefined cocoa butter is a dream for homemade cosmetics. Whip it into body butters, massage bars, lip balms, lotions, and more. It also makes a wonderful additive to enhance your favorite hair and skin care products.

Our Promise to You

Naturise pledges only the highest quality ingredients. Our organic cocoa butter contains no GMOs, toxins, fillers, chemicals, or additives – just the natural goodness of Peru’s cocoa beans. Experience the difference raw cocoa butter can make for your beauty routine today!


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