Natural Magnetic Lashes Kit For Flawless Eyes



Tired of gluey, heavy false eyelashes that fall off halfway through the day? Our innovative magnetic eyelashes kit gives you lush, featherlight lashes in seconds – no glue required! With just a swipe of our nourishing magnetic eyeliner, these reusable magnetized lashes effortlessly yet securely cling to your natural lashes. The result? Stunning wide eyes that look 100% natural.

Our magnetic eyelashes snap on in literal seconds thanks to tiny micro-magnets along the lash line. The ultra-fine magnetic particles in our waterproof eyeliner are attracted to the magnets, keeping your falsies in place flawlessly for up to 16 hours of wear. No annoying glue drying time, no sticky mess. Even on hot, humid days your lashes stay lifted and curled without budging. The flexible, lightweight bands and tapered lash designs conform to the shape of your eyes for a seamless, second-skin effect. No one will know you have fake lashes on!

This kit comes with 7 pairs of high-quality synthetic 3D lashes for every occasion:

Wispies – Subtle and natural for daytime. Add definition and length while looking totally real.

Flirts – Medium volume for that doll-eyed look. Fluttery and femme.

Sweeties – Graduated lengths create major lift sans the extra weight. Perfect for deepset or downturned eyes.

Bombshells – Va va voom volume! Super full and glamorous for parties and events.

Feathertouch – Crisscrossed layers mimic feathered extensions. Ultra lightweight and easy to apply.

Spikies – Crisp, defined spikes on the ends create bold cat eyes. Edgy yet elegant.

The Naturals – For barely-there enhancement. Lengthening fibers accent your natural lashes beautifully.

With proper care, you can get up to 30 comfortable wears out of each high-quality pair before needing a replacement. They’re that durable! Just use a gentle makeup remover to dissolve the magnetic eyeliner and slide the lashes off easily with no harsh tugging or pulling out lashes.

How to Apply:

Apply the waterproof magnetic eyeliner along your lash line, either on top of your regular eyeliner or on bare lids. Let dry fully.
Hold the magnetic lash band close to your lash line and the micro-magnets will attract instantly to the eyeliner. Press down gently along the band for optimal adhesion.
Add mascara if desired to blend your natural lashes and the falsies seamlessly together. Voila! Perfectly applied falsies in just seconds!
At the end of the day or when ready to remove, gently slide off the magnetic lashes and use eye makeup remover to dissolve any leftover eyeliner.
With a few wears, you’ll be a pro at applying your magnetic lashes quickly and flawlessly!

Why Choose Our Magnetic Lashes?

✔️ dermatologist-approved, non-irritating ingredients

✔️ reusable for up to 30 wears – super cost effective!

✔️ flexible silk lash bands for comfortable all-day wear

✔️ vegan and cruelty-free – no animals harmed

✔️ handmade quality from durable premium materials

✔️ lightweight strips that feel like your real lashes

✔️ eyeliner contains nourishing vitamins & botanicals

✔️ safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

✔️ FREE genius non-slip application tweezers included

Non-damaging and gentle on your natural lashes, we’re obsessed with magnetics for their easy, fuss-free application and ultra natural appearance. No more battling with messy glue or crimped lashes! Magnetic lashes are ideal for weddings, vacations, parties, photography – any time you want to look camera ready in seconds without the hassle of traditional false lashes.

Surprise that special someone in your life who loves enhancing her eyes with this all-inclusive magnetic lash kit. Packaged in a pretty holographic gift box, it makes a thoughtful birthday, holiday, bridesmaid or just because present. Pamper yourself or share the makeup magic!

Click Add to Cart now to experience the effortless beauty of magnetic lashes risk-free with our money-back guarantee! Your gorgeous eyes will thank you.


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