Natural Magnetic Lash Kit for Unbelievable Easy, Beautiful Eyes



Experience effortless beauty with our Magnetic Lash Kit that provides stunning, natural-looking lashes in minutes. Our kit includes 12 pairs of lightweight, reusable magnetic lashes in various styles – from subtle and natural, to bold and dramatic. With our magnetic eyeliner and lash applicator, applying them is a breeze.

Gone are the days of fussy false lashes with irritating glue. Our innovative magnetic lashes attach securely and comfortably to your natural lash line with our formulated magnetic eyeliner. The liner goes on like any other liquid liner, then the lashes attach instantly and painlessly to the magnetic particles in the liner. No more mess, no more hassle. Just quick, beautiful lashes whenever you want them.

Natural Look That Feels Weightless

Our magnetic lashes are handmade from premium, cruelty-free mink fur that looks and feels incredibly realistic. The ultra-thin edge follows the natural curve of your lash line, blending seamlessly with your real lashes. The lightweight strips feel like nothing on your lids. You won’t even notice you’re wearing false lashes!

With 12 different lash styles to suit any occasion, you can customize your look from au natural to full glam. Shorter, wispier lashes for daytime or office. Long, voluminous lashes for nights out. Go bold and dramatic for weddings and events, or keep it subtle for an enhanced everyday look. The possibilities are endless!

Strong Magnetic Power for Secure Hold

Our unique magnetic lash formula contains an array of tiny magnetic particles that bind strongly to the matching particles in our magnetic eyeliner. This creates a powerful magnetic attraction to hold your lashes in place all day and night. No need to worry about your lashes slipping or peeling off. The five precision magnets on each lash strip ensure the most secure hold possible.

Even during exercise, swimming, or exposure to moisture, the waterproof adhesive coating keeps the magnetic attraction intact. No smudging or running. Rain or shine, humidity or sweat- your lashes stay perfectly put until you take them off.

Reusable and Easy to Apply

Bid farewell to the daily frustration of glue lashes! Our magnetic lashes kit makes application a total breeze. Just follow three simple steps:

Apply a thin line of the magnetic eyeliner along your upper lash line, as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible. Let the liner dry completely.
Use the included applicator to grasp the magnetic lash strip and place it precisely onto the liner, right at your natural lash line. The lashes will adhere magnetically once in contact with the liner.
Pinch the lashes and your natural lashes together, to help them blend. And you’re done!
With a few tries, you’ll be an expert at applying your magnetic lashes quickly and seamlessly. No annoying glue tubes or waiting around. Just quick, easy, beautiful lashes when you want them.

Our magnetic lashes are endlessly reusable too. Simply remove the strips gently and store them back in the case after each use. Apply fresh magnetic eyeliner each time, for optimal hold. With proper care, your lashes can last for months of repeat wear. A much more eco-friendly and budget-friendly option compared to daily disposables.

Try Risk-Free

Experience the magic of our Magnetic Lash Kit risk-free with our money back guarantee. If you don’t love your new effortless magnetic lashes for any reason, return them for a full refund, no questions asked. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

With countless 5-star reviews, you can trust that our kit provides simply the best, most convenient magnetic lashes you’ll find. Ditch the daily hassle of glue lashes forever. Our lashes transform your eyes in minutes with a natural, lightweight look that lasts comfortably all day. Never worry about slipping, peeling or messed up glue again.

Give yourself the gift of flawless, beautiful lashes in an instant. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to try our Magnetic Lash Kit completely risk free!


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