Myrurgia Maja Women’s Oriental Spicy Scented Powder – 5.3oz w/Puff



Experience the alluring and mysterious oriental spice fragrance of Myrurgia Maja perfumed dusting powder. This luxurious powder features top notes of nutmeg and carnation layered over a heart of patchouli and cloves. The rich blend of spices creates a sophisticated yet playful fragrance that is unlike any other.

Simply puff the included soft, velvety applicator onto skin for a lightweight veil of fragrance that is subtly present yet intoxicating. Maja powder effortlessly adheres for lasting freshness and an invigorating floral-spice medley. Skin is left delicately scented and silky smooth all day long.

The finely milled texture glides over skin without feeling heavy or powdery. Absorbent kaolin clay helps remove excess oil and shine for skin that looks and feels refreshed. Rice starch provides a featherlight soft-focus finish that blurs imperfections. Antioxidant vitamin E works to nourish and protect.

This perfumed body powder quickly absorbs moisture and combats friction to prevent chafing. Dust onto inner thighs, under arms, neck, décolletage and other areas prone to stickiness. The smooth powder finish helps prevent chafing and discomfort while keeping skin feeling fresh.

Not just for women, men can also enjoy this rich oriental fragrance for a unique scent profile. Maja powder provides light moisture control and friction relief without a heavily perfumed smell. Simply apply to problem spots after showering or exercising.

From the luxury Spanish perfume house Myrurgia, Maja powder embodies timeless glamour and sophistication. Myrurgia fragrances date back to 1918 when the brand pioneered custom-designed perfumes. Today Myrurgia continues the tradition of artisan perfumery with complex, mood-evoking scents.


Remove puff from jar and lightly pat off excess powder.
Apply powder to dry skin using a light sweeping motion. Focus on areas prone to moisture and friction like underarms, thighs, neck and feet.
For an all-over glow, dust powder over entire body.
Reapply as needed throughout the day to revive scent and absorb moisture.

Nutmeg: Warm, sweetly spicy essential oil provides an oriental fragrance. Also has antioxidant properties.
Carnation: Floral note gives a rich, clove-like aroma. Natural extract has soothing benefits.
Patchouli: Earthy, musky oil lends a grounding basenote and calming scent. Helps balance skin’s oil production.
Cloves: Warm, aromatic spice oil imparts a sweet yet peppery scent. Contains antioxidant and rejuvenating properties.
Kaolin Clay: Gentle mineral powder absorbs oil and moisture while soothing skin. Provides a soft matte finish.
Rice Starch: Ultra-fine powder that blurs imperfections and sets makeup. Gives skin a silky, smooth feel.
Vitamin E: Potent antioxidant that defends against aging free radicals and nourishes skin.
DELIGHT YOUR SENSES with the tantalizing spice and intrigue of Myrurgia Maja perfumed dusting powder.


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