Murray & Lanman Florida Water – Refreshing and Invigorating Cologne Spray



Discover the refreshing and invigorating scent of Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water. This classic eau de cologne has been beloved for over 200 years for its crisp, clean fragrance that evokes feelings of renewal and vitality.

Florida Water’s formula contains citrus oils and floral essences that create an energizing perfume ideal for both men and women. The top notes of neroli, lemon, and bergamot awaken the senses, while hints of lavender, rosemary, and jasmine lend a soothing floral heart. Finally, subtle undertones of musk and woody notes ground the scent with depth and allure.

Just a spritz or two of this cologne water is enough to transport you to dreamy tropical paradises. The crisp citrus and herbaceous aromas are reminiscent of warm ocean breezes passing through fragrant orange groves. It’s easy to understand why Florida Water has been a beloved fragrance staple for generations.

Refresh and Revitalize Throughout Your Day

Florida Water is the perfect pick-me-up cologne to refresh and revitalize your mood anytime. Mist it over your pulse points as part of your morning routine to start your day feeling focused and energized. Or spritz it mid-day when you need an invigorating boost.

This classic eau de cologne can also be used to revive your spirit in the evenings. The crisp citrus top notes help clear away mental fog, while the herbs and florals lend a relaxing effect. Florida Water makes a great scent to unwind with at the end of a long day.

Many Uses for This Versatile Scent

Don’t limit Florida Water to just a cologne spray – take advantage of its many versatile uses!

  • Refreshing linen spray for sheets, towels, or clothing
  • Soothing bath splash when added to tub water
  • Calming room spray when misted in the air
  • Moisturizing body splash after showering
  • Rejuvenating foot bath when feet are soaked
  • Cleansing facial mist to balance skin

Florida Water’s crisp citrus aroma works wonderfully for so many purposes. Keep a bottle handy to enjoy this refreshing scent all throughout your home and for personal use.

A Long History of Quality

Murray & Lanman introduced their famous Florida Water in 1808. It quickly became a staple fragrance across America for its pleasing scent and versatility. Families, pharmacists, and perfumers relied on Florida Water for its refreshing properties and irresistible aroma.

Today, Florida Water continues to be made with care according to the original time-honored formula. Murray & Lanman maintains the cologne’s high standard of quality that has made it a beloved classic. They are proud that Florida Water remains cruelty-free and is never tested on animals.

With over 200 years of history behind it, Florida Water has more than earned its reputation as an iconic American fragrance. Treat yourself to this refreshing and nostalgic scent.

How to Use

Florida Water can be used in so many invigorating ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cologne – Mist over pulse points like wrists, neck, and décolletage. Reapply as desired.
  • Linen Spray – Spritz on sheets, pillowcases, towels or clothing for a crisp, clean aroma.
  • Bath Splash – Add a capful to bath water for an relaxing soak.
  • Room Spray – Freshen up any room by lightly misting Florida Water in the air.
  • Foot Bath – Add to a basin of water and soak feet to revive tired, aching soles.
  • Skin Toner – After cleansing, gently mist face and neck to refresh skin.

However you choose to use it, Florida Water’s invigorating citrus and herbal scent will leave you feeling renewed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Murray & Lanman stands behind the quality of their signature Florida Water. Your satisfaction with this refreshing classic eau de cologne is absolutely guaranteed. If you are not completely happy, simply return the unused portion for a full refund.

Refresh your senses and transport your mind with the crisp, clean fragrance of Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water. This invigorating citrus and floral cologne spray promises to revive and energize you whenever you need an uplifting fragrance experience.


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