Murray & Lanman Florida Water Cologne – Refreshing Citrus Splash for All Occasions – 12 Pack



Take a splash of sunshine wherever you go with Murray & Lanman Florida Water Cologne. This classic eau de cologne features a crisp, clean blend of citrus essential oils that evokes warm ocean breezes and tropical recipes. Each 7.5 fl oz bottle contains the original 1808 formula that’s perfect for cooling off on hot days or setting the mood for a romantic evening. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the timeless scent of Florida Water.

An Iconic Scent for Over 200 Years

Back in 1808, Robert Murray and James Lanman created the first Florida Water in New York. They were inspired by the tropical essence of Florida and infused their cologne with refreshing notes of citrus. The result was a crisp, clean fragrance that became immensely popular. Today, Florida Water is still made with the same carefully balanced blend of lemon, orange, lavender, and clove oils. Just a splash conjures memories of relaxing beach vacations, exotic adventures, and warm sunny days.

Cools and Refreshes All Day

After a hot humid day, Florida Water quickly cools and revives both body and mind. The citrus oils invigorate your senses while the splash of water brings a clean, thirst quenching effect. Just spritz some on your face, neck, chest, and pulse points for an instant refresh. The iconic scent is perfect for hot summer weather or anytime you need a pick-me-up. Florida Water soothes tired, achy feet when added to a footbath or foot soak. Let the fragrant splash transport you to paradise.

Sets the Mood for Romance

Since 1808, Florida Water has been used to enhance romantic encounters. Splash some on your skin before a special date or mist your bedsheets to set the mood. The seductive citrus aroma kindles excitement and passion. Florida Water can also be used as a natural perfume. The bright citrus notes are alluring yet light enough for everyday wear. For an intoxicating scent, layer it with your favorite perfume.

Soothes and Hydrates Skin

Florida Water has many uses beyond its refreshing fragrance. It helps tone and improve skin when used regularly. The oil formula has astringent properties that cleanse pores, remove excess oil, and leave skin feeling smooth. Splash on your face to cleanse and refresh. You can also use Florida Water as an aftershave to hydrate, soothe irritation, and prevent ingrown hairs. The natural oils moisturize while the astringents tighten pores and heal nicks.

Perfect for Shaving and Grooming

Pamper yourself with Florida Water while grooming and shaving. Use it to prep your skin before shaving or as an aftershave splash. The botanical oils protect skin while the astringents tighten pores to prevent irritation. Florida Water also softens your beard when used as a pre-shave wash. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable shave without the burn. You can even splash it on your hair for a light, fresh citrus scent.

Traditional Household Uses

For over 200 years, Florida Water has been a staple for refreshing linens, perfume, and home. Splash it in your laundry to leave clothes and sheets smelling crisp and clean. Use it as an ironing spray for a light, fresh fragrance. Add some to your cleaning supplies or use it straight to clean and disinfect surfaces. Florida Water also repels insects when sprayed around doors, windows, and your patio perimeter.

Trusted Brand Since 1808

Murray & Lanman launched their famous Florida Water in 1808, making it America’s first cologne. For over 200 years, they’ve been making this classic eau de cologne with the same beloved formula. Based in New York, Murray & Lanman still hand blend their colognes using only the finest natural essences. With its crisp, clean scent, Florida Water is a refreshing splash of paradise in a bottle.

Product Details

Pack of 12 bottles, each 7.5 fl oz
Original 1808 citrus cologne formula
Made with essential oils of lemon, orange, lavender, cloves
Crisp, clean tropical fragrance
Cools, revives and refreshes
Enhances romance and relaxation
Soothes skin after shaving
Refreshing splash for body, linens, and home
Bring the essence of sunshine into your life with the iconic scent of Murray & Lanman Florida Water. This 12 pack of 7.5 oz bottles lets you indulge in the timeless eau de cologne anywhere you go. Enjoy the crisp, clean tropical fragrance that’s been a classic for over 200 years.


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