Murray & Lanman Florida Water Cologne (2 Pack of 16 oz Bottles)



Discover the crisp, clean scent of Murray & Lanman’s famous Florida Water Cologne. This 2 pack comes with two 16 oz bottles of the iconic fragrance that has been invigorating men and women since 1808.

With top notes of citrus and lavender, this timeless eau de cologne evokes feelings of the lush, verdant Florida landscape. One spritz transports you to fragrant orange groves, with traces of herbs and florals sweeping by on the breeze. It’s a scent that conjures images of the Fountain of Youth, first sought by Spanish explorer Ponce de León when he landed on Florida’s east coast in 1513.

An Enduring, Legendary Scent

Florida Water Cologne has been captivating perfume aficionados for over 200 years. Since its inception in 1808, generation after generation has continued to enjoy this refreshing, dynamic fragrance.

What began as a proprietary blend of essences and oils created by New York perfumer Robert I. Murray, has become an enduring symbol of classic American style and sophistication.

This exotic, citrus-based scent combines uplifting notes of lemon, orange, lavender, and clove for a uniquely balanced perfume that’s perfect for both men and women. Florida Water evokes a crisp, nostalgic scent that endures the test of time.

Uses & Occasions

Florida Water Cologne can be worn daily as a bright, energizing perfume or lightly spritzed as an aftershave. It adds a refreshing touch when misted on bed linens or as a room spray.

Keep a bottle on hand for so many uses:

  • Wear as a unisex fragrance for day or evening
  • Use as an invigorating splash after bathing
  • Spritz on pulse points as a natural perfume
  • Mist in the air to fragrance rooms
  • Add to the rinse cycle for fresh, citrus-scented laundry
  • Use as an aftershave splash for men
  • Refreshing pick-me-up on hot, humid days

This versatile scent is suitable for casual daily wear or special occasions from the Florida Keyes to the sandy shores of Cape Cod. The classic citrus-herbal aroma adds a bright touch to any setting.

History & Origins

The genesis of the Florida Water fragrance began in 1808, when perfumer Robert I. Murray created this unique citrus-based scent blend in New York. The Murray family continued crafting and selling Florida Water Cologne, until they sold the company and formula in the late 19th century.

Production was continued by Lanman & Kemp-Barclay & Co., which was renamed Murray & Lanman in 1917. The company’s headquarters moved to Indianapolis, where this historic cologne continues to be manufactured today using Robert Murray’s original recipe.

According to legend, Murray was inspired by the tropical vegetation and scents he encountered on a trip to Florida. He wanted to bottle the fresh, verdant essence of this exotic new territory and transport its allure and mystery to genteel parlors across America.

With its beguiling citrus and herbal notes, a splash of Florida Water Cologne became a fashionable finishing touch for elite 19th century ladies and gentlemen. More than 200 years later, this timeless scent is still adored for its clean, crisp, slightly spicy aroma.

Treat Yourself to an Iconic American Fragrance

Refresh, invigorate and transport yourself with the enduring scent of Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Cologne. This 2 pack provides two generous 16 oz bottles – one for home and one for away.

It’s the perfect signature scent for men and women, evoking nostalgia, sophistication and the allure of the tropics. Let the iconic fragrance of Florida Water Cologne scent your world with every captivating spray.


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