Murray and Lanman Florida Water Cologne – Original Formula Since 1808 (3 Pack of 16oz Bottles)



Transport Yourself to an Island Paradise with the Refreshing Scent of Florida Water

Escape to the tropics with the crisp, clean fragrance of Murray and Lanman’s Florida Water Cologne. This original formula has been crafted since 1808, exuding a light floral scent with refreshing lemon and citrus overtones. Each spray evokes feelings of calm and tranquility, like a gentle ocean breeze or walking along sandy beaches. With just a spritz, you’ll be transported to paradise.

Not Just a Scent – Use Florida Water for Its Soothing and Invigorating Properties

While Florida Water makes an enticing perfume, it has many other uses thanks to its unique blend of essential oils. The gentle formula has soothing effects for the skin and senses. Mist it on after a shower or bath for a cooling effect that energizes and revitalizes. Florida Water can also be used around the home to impart its fresh fragrance and promote positive energy. Add it to your cleansing routine by using it as an all-natural air freshener or cleaning spray.

The Unique History Behind the Florida Water Formula

Florida Water has a storied history beginning in 19th century New York City. Lanman & Kemp created this special cologne water in 1808, naming it after the fabled Fountain of Youth in Florida. As the story goes, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León discovered these mystical waters over 400 years ago, which were rumored to reverse aging and cure illness. While not a literal fountain of youth, Florida Water does have restorative properties for mind and body. Its magic-like effect has made it a staple in medicine cabinets for over 200 years!

Used Worldwide in Rituals and Ceremonies

This aromatic cologne water has significance across many cultures. The light, citrusy scent is universally appealing and loved by men and women alike. In Latin communities, Florida Water is a spiritual staple used for cleansing and purification rituals. It’s also popular in hoodoo practices where it’s thought to increase positive energy. From North America to the Caribbean to Africa, people have turned to this cologne for its healing properties and magnetic pull. Florida Water’s global reach shows how scent transcends boundaries and brings people together.

The Notes That Make This Fragrance Unmistakable

What makes Florida Water so unique? This cologne contains a bright blend of citrus, floral, spice and herb notes. Lemon and neroli add a sparkling citrus scent. Lavender, rosemary and cloves impart a subtle floral and spice aroma. Underneath it all, the slightest hints of lavandin and oakmoss give an earthy tone. These notes harmonize into the refreshing, clean fragrance that Florida Water is known for. It’s different than your typical cologne, with a magic-like quality unlike anything else.

Crisp, Calming and Cleansing for the Perfect Perfume

Florida Water makes the ideal daily cologne or perfume thanks to its crowd-pleasing scent. The zesty top notes create an invigorating, clean aroma perfect for day or night. Spray it on pulse points like the wrists and neck before going out. The floral middle notes add a touch of tranquility and relaxation to this bright fragrance. Use Florida Water after a bath or shower for a soothing, spa-like experience. And the subtle earthy base notes provide staying power so the scent lingers.

A Long-Lasting Value – Get 3 Bottles for Less than $2 Each!

At just $1.67 per ounce, this is an incredible value for such a storied fragrance. The 16oz glass bottle provides plenty of long-lasting freshness. With this bundle pack, you’ll get three of these large bottles, so you can use Florida Water liberally all over your home. Spritz it in your bathroom, laundry room, bedroom or any room that needs a cleansing boost of positivity. With proper care and storage, these bottles can last for years. Why pay more for lesser quality fragrances when you can get this original classic formula for a fraction of the price?

Experience the lore and mystique around Florida Water for yourself. Its magic-like properties will transport you to serene tropical shores with just a spray.


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