MOSCHINO Pink Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette Spray for Women, 3.4 oz



Embrace your playful side with the lively and charming MOSCHINO Pink Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette. This vibrant fragrance perfectly captures the colorful and creative spirit of the iconic Italian fashion house.

A Fruity Floral Burst of Fun

The top notes introduce a juicy splash of pink grapefruit, mandarin and raspberry that immediately brightens the mood. A cheerful heart of magnolia, honeysuckle and jasmine adds an elegant floral touch, while the base notes of musk, cedar and amber provide warmth and sensuality.

Vibrant and Eye-Catching Bottle

In signature Moschino style, the bottle features a playful design that is sure to stand out on your vanity. The opaque pink hue perfectly reflects the joyful essence of the fragrance within. Topped with a gold-tone cap shaped like an adorable bow, this bottle makes a statement.

For the Spirited and Youthful

Moschino Pink Fresh Couture is for the woman who embraces her inner child. This lively scent energizes the spirit with a colorful fruity floral bouquet that charms everyone around you. It’s eye-catching from top to bottom, from the pink juice to the bow-topped bottle.

When to Wear

This vibrant fragrance is ideal for daytime wear in the spring and summer months. The fruity notes give it a freshness perfect for warm weather, while the florals add a touch of feminine charm. It’s an easy grab-and-go scent for a fun shopping trip with friends or a day date at the farmer’s market. The playful essence will lift your mood wherever you go.

Top Notes

Pink Grapefruit
The juicy opening notes create an instant burst of energy. The tart pink grapefruit and mandarin add a lively citrus splash, while raspberry contributes a sweet, fruity kick.

Middle Notes

The floral heart is elegant and feminine, with magnolia bringing a hint of fresh greenness. Honeysuckle adds romantic sweetness, while jasmine provides a rich, heady quality.

Base Notes

The Musk, cedar and amber base offers warmth, softness and a lingering sensuality. The musk wraps the scent in an intimate veil, while cedar provides a subtle woodiness. Amber’s vanillic undertones add creaminess.

How to Apply

Mist the fragrance on your pulse points for lasting aroma. Prime spots include the wrists, crook of elbow, and base of throat. Can also be lightly misted through hair. Avoid direct application to clothing as the alcohol content may stain delicate fabrics. Reapply as desired to refresh the scent throughout the day.

Complete Your Routine

Pair with other items from the Pink Fresh Couture line for a coordinated look. The cheerful fragrance matches beautifully with the Pink Fresh Couture Shower Gel and Body Lotion. Layering the scents allows the vibrant notes to last even longer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We hope you love Moschino’s lively Pink Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette! All products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please return it for a full refund.


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