MopTop Curly Hair Custard – The Ultimate Frizz-Fighting Curl Defining Styler for Bouncy, Hydrated Curls



Tame unruly curls and enhance your natural texture with MopTop Curly Hair Custard, the nourishing curl activator that smoothes, defines, and deeply hydrates all curl types and textures. This innovative styling gel is infused with curl-loving botanicals and proteins to promote manageability, shine, and bounce while fighting frizz and flyaways. Keep reading to learn why our custard is a must-have for your curly haircare routine!

The Results Speak for Themselves

MopTop’s Curly Hair Custard delivers next-level definition and frizz control for curly, coily, and wavy manes. Our unique formula provides the perfect balance of hold and flexibility to lock in moisture and enhance your hair’s natural texture without heavy oils or greasy residue. Expect touchably soft, smooth curls and coils with bounce, body, and shine that lasts!

The proof is in the photos – just check out the before and after shots of real MopTop customers rocking their flawless curls. You’ll see well-defined ringlets and coils, happy hydrated strands, and zero frizz or flyaways in sight. Our custard brings out your hair’s best natural curl pattern.

Compatible With All Curl Types and Textures

No curl type or texture is too challenging for MopTop’s Custard! This multitasking styler is specially formulated to work wonders on loose waves, bouncy spirals, tight coils, and everything in between. The lightweight custard formula provides the perfect blend of hold and movement to enhance YOUR unique texture.

Those with fine strands will love the touchable definition and frizz fighting power without residue or heaviness. Coarse and thick manes get the heavy-duty hydration and smoothing they crave. There’s no wrong curl type – MopTop has you covered!

Nourish With Natural Ingredients

MopTop believes that healthy curls start with quality ingredients. Our custard formula skips the harsh sulfates, silicones, and parabens and instead uses natural proteins and botanicals to restore moisture and shine to thirsty strands.

The star of the show is raw honey, which attracts and seals in humidity to prevent dryness. Avocado oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter deeply nourish while defending against damage and breakage. Silk amino acids smooth the cuticle for surreal softness and sheen.

We leave out the junk so you can feel good about everything that goes onto your precious curls. Our custard nourishes hair the way nature intended!

Simple Steps for Frizz-Free Perfection

Achieving flawless curls with MopTop is easy! Follow these simple steps for bounce, body, and touchable definition every time:

Shampoo and condition hair as usual. Rinse out conditioner completely.
Evenly rake custard through clean, wet hair from roots to ends. For shorter hair, focus on mid-lengths to ends. Use more product for coarser or thicker hair.
Let hair partially air dry until damp but not completely dry. About 70-80% dry.
Scrunch hair gently to encourage curl formation. This also prevent helmet head!
Diffuse hair on low heat or air dry the rest of the way. Scrunch again once fully dry to break the gel cast.
Voila! Long-lasting soft, supple curls with zero frizz or crunch. For extra moisture and shine, finish with a touch of MopTop’s Mongongo Oil on dry hair.

Tips for Curl Success

Take your curl game to the next level with these expert tips for getting the most from MopTop’s Custard:

Less is more! Use sparingly and add more if needed. Too much product can lead to buildup.
Apply to soaking wet hair and scrunch in for best absorption.
Let hair partially air dry before scrunching or diffusing to “set” curls and avoid frizz.
Diffuse hair on low heat to lock in moisture as hair dries. Air drying also works!
Scrunch out any “crunch” once hair is 100% dry. This brings curls to life!
Cocktail styler with a touch of oil on dry hair if you need extra softening or frizz control.
Clarify occasionally to prevent product buildup. Chelate shampoos work great!
Deep condition weekly for extra moisture and nourishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about MopTop’s magical frizz-fighting Custard? We’ve got you covered! Here are answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions:

Is the custard safe for color treated hair?

Absolutely! Our formula is free of sulfates and other harsh ingredients that can strip color. The custard is color-safe and will help keep color vibrant.

Can I cocktail the custard with other stylers?

Yes! Feel free to layer or mix the custard with other favorite stylers like gel, mousse, or leave-in conditioner. Start with small amounts until you find your perfect combo.

How long does the custard last?

One 8oz tub will last the average user 2-3 months when used 1-2 times per week. A little goes a long way!

Is the formula vegan/gluten free?

You bet! Our custard is 100% vegan and gluten-free. We use no animal derived ingredients or gluten containing ingredients.

Can I use the custard on kids’ hair?

Absolutely, the custard is safe and gentle for kids’ curls starting at age 3 and up. Just use a little less product since kids have less hair.

Don’t see your question? Reach out to our curl experts at for personalized guidance!

Ready for Your Best Curls Yet?

Give your curls the love and definition they deserve with MopTop Curly Hair Custard. Our innovative formula smoothes, nourishes, and defines while controlling frizz for salon-worthy styles at home. Ditch the flakes, grease, and crunch and say hello to touchably soft, smooth curls that turn heads!

Stock up on this curl must-have to create your dream curls. Add MopTop’s Custard to your cart today!


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