Moonmini Professional Hair Color Tool Kit – Must-Have for All Your Hair Coloring Needs



Give your hair a vibrant, salon-quality color makeover right at home with the Moonmini Hair Dye Color Brush and Bowl Set. This complete 4-piece kit contains all the tools you need to mix, apply, and blend hair color like a stylist.

The set includes:

  • 1 plastic mixing bowl – deep enough to hold multiple tubes of color or bleach and large enough to easily mix hair formulas
  • 1 large application brush – soft, flexible bristles grab color cream for easy, smooth application on all hair types and lengths
  • 1 precision brush – firmer bristles in smaller head allow for detailed application and root touch-ups
  • 1 tint comb/brush – combines wide teeth for easy comb-through color distribution and a brush for targeted color deposit

Whether you’re touching up roots, trying bold fashion colors, lightening, coloring grays, or doing full head application, this kit equips you with the right tools. The plastic bowl is a must for mixing developers, lighteners, and dyes. The versatile brushes work for all formulas and techniques like highlights, balayage, global color, root smudging, and retouches.

Premium Salon-Grade Materials

The brushes feature white tampico plant bristles, the same high-quality material used in salon tools. The rounded tips grab and hold color creams without absorbing them like cheaper brushes. The mixing bowl is made from durable, BPA-free plastic that won’t crack from chemical exposure.

The bristles have the ideal blend of flexibility to smoothly coat strands without irritating the scalp. The tips are firm enough to thoroughly saturate every inch of hair. The ergonomic handles provide control and ease of use.

Color Like a Pro

Having the right tools makes all the difference for a flawless, professional dye job. The mixing bowl ensures you blend the exact ratio of color and developers. The brushes allow you to paint on bold, vivid color or fine highlights and lowlights.

Use the large brush for an all-over application on long hair. Switch to the precision brush to detail the roots or ends. The comb-brush lets you seamlessly blend highlights and lowlights. Cover every section and strand for rich, multidimensional color.

Effortless Hair Coloring

No more messy, complicated DIY dye jobs. This kit streamlines the entire process for foolproof results. The rounded bowl with flat base gives you ample working room to combine formulas without spilling. The bristles grab and distribute product evenly so you use less. The smooth comb glides through freshly colored strands to blend.

The bowls and brushes make light work of applying foils and caps for highlights. They provide the control needed to create perfect babylights, balayage, ombre, and vivid fashion shades. The smaller brush lets you detail small regrowth sections.

Works for All Hair Types and Textures

Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, thick, or thin hair, these brushes apply color smoothly without irritating the scalp. The flexible bristles bend to coat each strand from root to tip. The rounded tips gently separate and brush through curls.

The comb-brush ensures even color distribution on extra thick or coarse hair. The smooth application prevents damage to delicate fine hair. Use the precision brush to detail trickier short styles.

Clean, Reusable Tools

These professional-grade tools are built to last through countless coloring sessions. The durable construction resists stains and damage from harsh chemicals. The plastic bowl is easy to hand wash and won’t retain any color.

The synthetic bristles won’t absorb product like porous natural fibers. Simply rinse thoroughly after each use. Avoid rough scrubbing. Let air dry completely before storing. With proper care, this kit will remain in top condition for years.

Everything You Need for Salon Results

This all-in-one kit takes the guesswork out of DIY hair color. No more wasting product trying to mix and apply with makeshift kitchen tools. The specialized brushes and bowls are designed expressly for flawless color application and touch-ups.

All the essentials are right here in one convenient set. No need to purchase tools separately. Keep your hair coloring station neat and organized. Store the compact set together between applications.

Achieve stunning, vibrant color without the hassle or expense of salon visits. This is a smart investment for all your at-home hair coloring needs.

Designed for Easy, Safe Use

These tools allow you to achieve salon-worthy shades in the comfort of home. The plastic bowl shields surfaces from stains and spills. The ergonomic brush handles give you control to neatly apply product. The smooth bristles won’t scratch or irritate the scalp.

All components are made from high-quality materials designed for safety. Rest assured, this set is specially created to make DIY hair coloring easy, quick, and mess-free.

Perfect Kit for Professionals Too

In addition to being the ultimate DIY hair color set, these tools are ideal for cosmetology students and professionals. Budding stylists can practice techniques like foiling, balayage, and vivid coloring. Licensed colorists will appreciate having reliable backup tools on hand.

The all-purpose brushes and bowls are must-haves for schools, salons, and spas. Great for color blending, touch-ups, toning, and glossing between client appointments. Equip your stations with these affordable, salon-grade accessories.

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our color brushes and bowls. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will issue a full refund or replacement for any product defects or damage during shipping.

Try this professional 4-piece tool kit designed to make DIY hair coloring easier. Achieve stunning salon hair color results without leaving home. Click Add to Cart now to get salon-style hair color mixing and application tools.


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