Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit – Create Your Own Signature Scent!



Discover Your Unique Fragrance with This Fun & Fabulous Perfume Blending Kit

Tired of the same old department store perfumes? Ready to find a signature scent that’s uniquely YOU? With the Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit, you can blend intoxicating perfumes tailored to your body chemistry and personal style.

This delightful discovery kit is like a miniature perfumery in a box! It includes 10 trial-size vials of artfully crafted fragrances for layering and blending. With top, middle, and base note scents, you can mix and match to create custom perfumes that complement your natural pheromones. It’s so much fun to play perfumer!

10 Luscious Fragrances to Explore

The Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit features a range of skin-loving scents inspired by the world’s most luxurious perfumeries:

  • Lily – A gentle floral with notes of water lily, jasmine, and spring greens
  • Woodland – An earthy blend of cedar, pine needles, and moss
  • Bloom – A fresh fruity floral with blood orange, pear, and peony
  • Noir – A warm, spicy oriental featuring vanilla, patchouli, and exotic resins
  • Rêve – A sparkling citrus with bergamot, neroli, and lemon
  • Nuit – A rich, sensual gourmand with vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood
  • Coast – An aquatic fragrance with sea spray, driftwood, and waterlily
  • Bijou – A sophisticated white floral with gardenia, tuberose, and magnolia
  • Gold – A bright, effervescent blend with pink grapefruit, lychee, and champagne
  • Rouge – A bold, fruity chypre with blackcurrant, peach, and rose

With top, middle, and base notes ranging from fruits to woods to musks, you can expertly layer these essences to craft custom scents. Plus, the alcohol-free formulas ensure long-lasting aromas without drying out your skin.

Perfect for Perfume Lovers & Fragrance Fanatics

The Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit is a fabulous gift for the perfume addict in your life. Or pick one up for yourself if you love:

  • Experimenting with new fragrances
  • Finding scents that complement your body chemistry
  • Learning about perfume notes and blending
  • Switching up your signature scent with the seasons
  • Discovering niche, artisanal fragrances
  • Collecting and sampling perfumes

With this kit, you can give your existing perfume collection a run for its money by creating custom scents. It’s so fun to play perfumer and improvise your own beautiful bouquets!

How to Use Your Perfume Lab

Blending bespoke fragrances with the Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit is easy & enjoyable! Follow these steps:

  1. Sample each vial individually on scent strips first to get to know the notes.
  2. Try each essence on your pulse points, and take note of how it interacts with your skin.
  3. Once you’ve tested the solo scents, start blending! Combine complementary notes to craft unique perfumes.
  4. Layer top, middle, and base notes for well-balanced bouquets with staying power.
  5. Write down your custom creations so you can recreate the magic!
  6. Share your signature scents with friends for feedback and fun.

With trial and error, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful, personalized fragrances you can design. This kit unleashes your inner perfumer!

High Quality Perfume Oils

The essences in the Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit are crafted with care using premium ingredients. They are:

  • Alcohol-Free – Hypoallergenic formulas won’t dry out skin
  • Paraben-Free – No harsh preservatives
  • Phthalate-Free – No endocrine disruptors
  • Cruelty-Free – Not tested on animals
  • Fragrance Oil-Based – Long-lasting aromas
  • Made in the USA – High quality standards

You can feel good about using these natural, skin-loving scents. Have peace of mind while creating your own personal perfume magic!

Looking for Your Signature Scent? Discover It With This Kit!

Stop settling for generic, mass-produced fragrances. With the Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit, you can craft custom perfumes that are uniquely you. From wildflowers to spice markets, this kit transport you through a world of luxurious aromas.

It makes a great gift for any perfumista in your life too.

Let your nose guide you to scent sensations that really resonate. Explore new fragrance frontiers with this delightful perfume blending kit!


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