Missoni Missoni Wave Men EDT Spray, 3.4 Fl Oz



Capture the essence of the Mediterranean seaside with the vibrant and alluring Missoni Wave Eau De Toilette Spray for Men. This invigorating scent opens with a burst of sparkling citrus and marine notes to evoke feelings of an endless summer.

Top Notes of Mandarin Orange and Sea Water

The perfume’s brilliant top notes feature tangy mandarin orange and crystalline sea water. They mingle to create an instant mood boost, just like a sunny day at the beach. The mandarin orange provides a revitalizing and mood-lifting citrus aroma, while the ozonic sea water note imparts a clean mineral facet. Together, they portray the exhilaration of jumping into refreshing ocean waters on a hot summer day.

Heart Notes of Lavender and Clary Sage

As the fragrance evolves, herbal spiciness comes forward with aromatic lavender and clary sage. The lavender contributes a familiar floral-herbaceous character along with a soothing and relaxing effect. Meanwhile, the clary sage adds a touch of earthiness. The combination conjures images of windswept Mediterranean hillsides blanketed in fragrant purple flowers.

Base Notes of Vetiver, Oakmoss, and Patchouli

Finally, the base notes create depth and dimension. Natural vetiver root brings an exotic grassy, smoky quality. Earthy oakmoss provides a rich green woodsiness. And aged patchouli delivers a subtle touch of muskiness. These elements come together to evoke walking along Mediterranean coastline paths edged by trees and lush vegetation.

Fragrance Profile

Overall, Missoni Wave has a bright, casual vibe perfect for outdoor daytime wear. The sparkling citrus opening offers an uplifting sensation, while the herbal heart and woody base provide staying power. The aroma captures the carefree ambiance and natural beauty of a picturesque seaside landscape. It’s ideal for men with an adventurous, laidback spirit.

When to Wear It

This versatile fragrance works beautifully during the warmer sunny months. The citrusy marine notes make it perfect for outdoor activities like sailing, hiking, or exploring a new city on vacation. Its casual mood also makes it suitable for everyday wear or weekends spent relaxing with friends. It will put you in a summer state of mind even during colder weather. The uplifting citrus and herbal aromas also make it an ideal pick-me-up scent any time of year when you need a positive boost.

Long Lasting and Skin-Friendly Formula

Missoni Wave is designed to last, so you can enjoy the invigorating scent all day or night. The Eau de Toilette concentration means it contains a higher volume of perfume oils than lighter colognes, resulting in excellent longevity. Just a few sprays will provide hours of vibrant aroma. And like all Missoni fragrances, it boasts a skin-friendly formula free of harsh synthetic chemicals. The natural essences ensure the scent always remains fresh and luminous.


The entire Missoni fragrance collection features the brand’s iconic colorful wave and zigzag patterns inspired by the Mediterranean. The wavy striped bottle brilliantly captures the vibrancy of the seashore. Vibrant blue evokes the sparkling ocean waters while pops of orange and green portray sun soaked terracotta tiles along the Riviera. This eye-catching bottle looks fantastic displayed on your vanity or bathroom counter.

Complete Your Missoni Fragrance Wardrobe

Missoni Wave is the perfect summertime counterpart to the brand’s popular fall and winter fragrances. Try layering it with the sophisticated woodsy aromas of Missoni or the exotic spicy Missoni Black for unique fragrance combinations that let you enjoy your favorite scents year-round. With Missoni Wave, you’ll always be ready for an endless summer.

For a bold and free-spirited aroma that conjures the beauty, excitement, and freedom of the Mediterranean, look no further than Missoni Wave. Its sparkling vibrancy awakens the spirit and senses.


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