Miss Dior Eau De Parfum Spray for Women by Christian Dior – Elegant Floral Scent with Notes of Mandarin, Patchouli, and Musk



Introducing the iconic Miss Dior Eau De Parfum Spray for women by luxury fashion house Christian Dior. This elegant floral fragrance evokes timeless femininity and glamour with every spritz.

Opening with a burst of mandarin, this perfume blooms into a bouquet of romantic roses and vibrant gardenia. The heart unfolds into luscious layers of sweet strawberry and elegant patchouli. Finally, base notes of musky amber leave a warm, sensual trail.

From the very first spritz, you’ll be transported from everyday life into a world of Parisian elegance and couture. Miss Dior weaves a spell of confidence and grace to make any moment feel magical.

An Iconic Floral Scent

First created in 1947, Miss Dior takes its name from Christian Dior’s sister Catherine who inspired this perfume. It quickly became a landmark fragrance, synonymous with effortless sophistication and feminine mystique.

Over 70 years later, Miss Dior remains an iconic floral scent. This modern interpretation stays true to the original essence of romance and elegance. The timeless fragrance conjures the allure of old-world Parisian couture houses, cocktail parties, and nights at the opera.

Top Notes of Mandarin Orange

The fragrance opens with a vibrant burst of mandarin orange from Italy. The citrusy note adds an uplifting air of brightness. Mandarin brings a playful, subtle fruity sweetness to start off the floral heart.

A Bouquet of Roses and Gardenias

At the core of Miss Dior lies Grasse roses and gardenias from Egypt. The two white flowers mingle in a romantic duet, with the soft gardenia enhancing the elegant rose. Jasmine from India adds a touch of intensity.

Together these floral essences create an unforgettable bouquet that is hyper-feminine yet pure. Femininity in the classic Parisian style – confident, sophisticated, and romantic.

Base Notes of Patchouli and Musk

The base of patchouli and amberwood adds depth to the fruits and florals.Earthy patchouli grounds the perfume with a subtle spiciness. Meanwhile, musky amberwood confers a smooth creaminess.

As the bright citrus and white florals fade, they reveal this rich, musky base. It lingers on the skin for hours, evoking timeless elegance.

How to Apply

To enjoy this fragrance, spray once onto the wrists, behind the ears, and other pulse points. Apply in the morning to carry the beautiful scent with you throughout the day into the evening.

For date nights or special occasions, reapply Miss Dior to refresh the top notes. Combining with the matching body lotion will help prolong the perfume and create an aura of sensuality.

A Sophisticated Signature Fragrance

Miss Dior has remained a beloved floral fragrance for generations. The elegant essence captures the allure and romance of Dior couture.

Spray on this perfume to feel confident, chic, and dazzling. Miss Dior is a sophisticated signature scent for the classy, modern woman.


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