Mighty Patch Surface – The Ultimate XL Hydrocolloid Spot Patch for Blemishes on the Face, Body, and More



Tired of acne patches that just don’t cut it for the super-sized breakouts on your body? Introducing the Mighty Patch Surface from Hero Cosmetics – the first and only jumbo hydrocolloid patch made to conquer even your most stubborn chest, back, and jawline acne.

At over 2 inches long, this XL zit zapper has got you covered (literally). Its extra-large rectangular shape and tapered edges are specially designed to fit the contours of your face, neck, shoulders, and anywhere else acne decides to rear its ugly head. Simply stick it on clean dry skin and watch it flatten and drain cysts, whiteheads, hormonal acne, and pimple clusters within hours.

Unlike circular acne dots that only treat one blemish at a time, the Mighty Patch Surface tackles multiple pesky zits simultaneously. Its medical-grade hydrocolloid dressing seals out bacteria, absorbs gunk, and protects picked, popped or irritated skin from infection and further inflammation. The result? Less redness, swelling and discoloration around the affected area.

This transparent patch blends seamlessly into all skin tones, making it easy to conceal problem spots discreetly. Wear it alone as an invisible pimple fighter or under makeup without worrying about it slipping, peeling or causing extra shine. Even active breakouts and oozy pus-filled pimples are no match for this heavy-duty acne patch.

Benefits of Mighty Patch Surface XL Acne Patches:

Made for the Body: Specifically designed to treat acne in hard to cover spots like your chest, back, shoulders, and jawline. Jumbo size tackles multiple blemishes at once.

Hydrocolloid Technology: Absorbs fluid, flattens raised bumps and helps prevent spreading of bacteria overnight. Promotes faster healing.

Stays Put: Tapered edges and extra-strong medical grade adhesive keeps the patch firmly in place on curved or uneven surfaces. Won’t peel off easily.

Discrete Clear Patch: Nearly invisible on all skin tones. Wear alone or under makeup without anyone noticing.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Contains no animal products or testing. Gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin.

Dermatologist-Tested and Hypoallergenic: Approved for acne-prone skin. Won’t clog pores or cause irritation, redness or itching.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the Mighty Patch Surface XL acne patches?

Cleanse and dry skin before use. Remove transparent liner and apply patch directly onto blemish. Wear for minimum 6 hours or overnight for best results. Replace daily if needed. Remove gently. Safe to use on face, jaw, neck, back, chest and body.

Can you cut Mighty Patch Surface to size?

Yes, the jumbo rectangular strip can be cut to fit smaller breakouts if needed. We recommend scissors for a clean edge.

How long does it take to see results?

You’ll notice improvements in as little as 6 hours as the hydrocolloid patch extracts impurities from deep within the skin. Breakouts continue flattening over 24 hours or longer with repeated use.

Can you wear makeup over Mighty Patch Surface patches?

Absolutely! The ultra-thin patches easily disguise under both liquid and powder makeup without lifting. Apply your normal skincare and makeup routine directly over the patch.

How often can you use Mighty Patch Surface acne patches?

Mighty Patch Surface can be used daily if needed. It’s safe to reapply a fresh patch to help drain stubborn or ongoing breakouts. Allow skin to breathe occasionally.

Do Mighty Patch Surface patches contain latex?

Nope, Mighty Patch Surface XL acne patches are 100% latex-free. The hydrocolloid adhesive is medical grade and skin-safe.

Ditch tiny circular dots for the Mighty Patch Surface – the game-changing XL acne patch that conquers chest, back and bodacious body breakouts fast. With its concentrated zit-zapping hydrocolloid formula and jumbo coverage area, this rectangular spot treatment kicks acne’s butt so you can bare your body proudly.

Grab a pack of these innovative XL acne stickers now and say bye-bye to bumps, cysts and clusters for good!


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