Michael Jordan by Michael Jordan – A Sophisticated and Masculine Scent for the Accomplished Man



Embody success, leadership, and sophistication with the new Michael Jordan eau de cologne. This invigorating and refreshing scent was crafted specifically for the accomplished modern man who strives for greatness in all aspects of life.

Top Notes of Crisp Green Tea and Tart Bergamot

The top notes in Michael Jordan feature bright bursts of green tea and bergamot. Crisp green tea provides an energizing sensation that stimulates the mind and promotes focus and clarity. Tart bergamot adds a punch of vibrancy and elevates the green tea for a perfect pick-me-up effect.

Heart Notes of aromatic Lavender and smooth Sandalwood

As the fragrance evolves, notes of lavender and sandalwood emerge, conveying tranquility and sophistication. The calming properties of lavender work with the inherent masculinity of sandalwood to create a well-balanced heart. This combines freshness and warmth effortlessly.

Base Notes of Sensual Amber and Earthy Cedar

The base notes keep things interesting with smoky cedar wood and sweet, resinous amber. These deeper notes add a sexy, mysterious undertone. The cedar provides an outdoorsy, natural appeal while the amber injects warmth and sensuality.

Versatile Scent for Work and Play

Michael Jordan contains versatile notes that allow you to seamlessly transition from a important meeting to an evening out. The tea and bergamot provide daytime freshness for the office while the lavender, sandalwood, amber and cedar turn things up a notch for night.

Emanate Success and Leadership

Michael Jordan encapsulates the champion mindset and tenacity of the legendary basketball player himself. This scent empowers the wearer to put his best foot forward and tackle any challenge head-on. The bold, masculine notes inspire you to dream big and never settle.

A Sophisticated Addition to Your Fragrance Collection

Keep your fragrance wardrobe well-rounded with the inclusion of Michael Jordan. This cologne sets itself apart from your typical sporty, laundry-musk or sweet fragrances. Michael Jordan represents sophistication and ambition. Its complex blend of notes makes it ideal for the discerning man looking to stand out.

Long-Lasting Formula Provides All Day Freshness

Never worry about your cologne fading too soon. Michael Jordan is highly concentrated and designed to provide long-lasting fragrance that you can enjoy from morning to night. Just a couple sprays delivers hours of invigorating aromas.

Modern, Minimalist Bottle Design

Michael Jordan is presented in a sleek, black bottle with sharp, masculine lines. The bold chrome cap adds shine and sophistication. The minimalist style of the bottle perfectly represents the modern man who values quality over quantity.

Give your fragrance collection the perfect finishing touch with Michael Jordan. This intoxicating scent inspires leadership, success and ambition. Just a few sprays empowers you to take on any challenge with tenacity and resilience.


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