Method Sea + Surf Body Wash – Refreshing Ocean Breeze for Your Skin



Escape to the coast with our Method Sea + Surf Body Wash. Inspired by crisp ocean air and salty sea spray, this plant-based cleanser will transport you to the beach with each use. Our lightweight, lush lather rinses cleanly without residue, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

A Revitalizing Splash of Ocean Air

Our Method Sea + Surf Body Wash evokes the invigorating scents of the seashore. Cool mint meets salty seabreeze, with ozonic notes that recall gentle ocean waves and sea mist. Crisp and clean, this uplifting fragrance is like a mini getaway, whisking you away to seaside adventures with every shower or bath.

Nourishing Plant-Based Formula

While the scent may recall the ocean, our formula relies on natural, biodegradable ingredients to gently cleanse without drying. Instead of harsh sulfates, our body wash features a plant-based surfactant blend of decyl glucoside and lauryl glucoside to create a lush lather that rinses clean. Your skin will feel soft and smooth after each use, never stripped or dry.

Ethical and Sustainable

At Method, we believe in doing right by the planet. That’s why our body wash bottle is made with 80% post-consumer recycled plastic, reducing waste and preserving natural resources. We never test on animals, and our products are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free. Our goal is to create effective, eco-friendly products you can feel good about using.

One 28oz Bottle = Many Uses

With 28 fluid ounces per bottle, a little bit of our Method body wash goes a long way. The sleek pump makes it easy to dispense just the right amount. Keep it by the shower or add it to your next bath for a sudsy, spa-like experience. The uplifting scent will help wake you up in the morning and wash the day away at night.

How to Use

Apply a quarter-sized dollop of Sea + Surf body wash to wet skin or a damp loofah. Work into a light lather, massaging over the body. Rinse thoroughly. For extra hydration, follow with your favorite Method moisturizer.

Decadent, Spa-Like Lather in Your Shower

Transform an everyday shower into a luxurious, spa-like experience with our lush, quick-foaming body wash. The pearlescent formula dispenses an enticing swirl of opalescent blue that builds into a rich lather. Massage over skin, inhaling the crisp ocean breeze scent as you cleanse from head to toe. Rinse for soft, smooth skin that smells like you just spent a day by the sea.

Gentle Formula for Sensitive Skin

Free of harsh sulfates and synthetic fragrances, our plant-based formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The creamy lather rinses clean without residue, never leaving skin feeling dry or tight. Nourish and calm skin while surrounding your senses with our refreshing ocean inspired aroma. It’s a gentle yet invigorating way to start your day.

Cruelty-Free and Responsibly Sourced

At Method, we believe high-quality cleansers and ethical practices go hand in hand. Our products are never tested on animals and feature thoughtful, eco-friendly formulas free of toxic chemicals. We source natural, biodegradable ingredients and reduce waste through recycled packaging. With Method, you don’t have to choose between what works and what’s right.

Perfect for Travel and Gym Bags

Stash a bottle in your suitcase or gym bag for an easy way to refresh on the go. The TSA-friendly 28oz size means you don’t have to decant into tiny travel bottles. Just pump some into hotel baths or rinse off post workout. The uplifting scent will help energize you wherever you are.

A Scent Inspired by the Sea

Take in notes of minty eucalyptus, cool marine breezes and sun-bleached driftwood with every shower. Crisp and clean, this aroma will transport you straight to the shoreline. It’s the perfect pick-me-up first thing in the morning or the ideal way to wash the day away at night.

For All Skin Types

Whether your skin trends dry, oily, sensitive or combination, our plant-powered formula nourishes without over-drying. The creamy lather rinses clean without residue, leaving every skin type fresh and balanced. And the crisp, oceanic scent delights all the senses.

Vegan and Biodegradable

Our Method body washes are vegan and made without animal derived ingredients or byproducts. We rely on plant-based cleansers and natural scents. Our bottles are made with post-consumer recycled plastic and the formulas quickly biodegrade without harming aquatic life.

Part of Your Green Routine

Method makes it easy to go green with your self-care routine. Our thoughtfully designed products are non-toxic, cruelty-free and made with recycled materials. Switching to our plant-based body washes is an easy way to reduce plastic waste and your use of harsh chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key ingredients?

Decyl glucoside and lauryl glucoside create the lush, quick-foaming lather. Natural fragrance provides the crisp ocean breeze scent.

Is Method body wash suitable for dry or sensitive skin?

Yes! Our plant-based formula is free of sulfates and fragrances that can irritate dry or sensitive skin. The creamy lather rinses clean without residue.

Is the bottle recyclable?

Yes, the plastic bottle and pump are recyclable in most curbside recycling programs. The label may need to be removed first.

Is Method body wash vegan?

Yes, our body washes are 100% vegan and made without any animal-derived ingredients. We are also Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free.

What does the Sea + Surf scent smell like?

Crisp mint meets ocean breezes with hints of eucalyptus and mineral sea salt for an invigorating, unisex fragrance.

Does this product contain microplastics?

No, our body washes are formulated without any plastic microbeads or microplastics that pollute waterways and oceans.


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