Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash – Refreshing Ocean Breeze for Clean, Hydrated Skin



Escape to the coast with the invigorating scent of Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash. One use of this ocean-inspired body wash leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for aquatic adventures.

Made from plant-based cleansers and free of parabens and phthalates, this body wash deeply cleanses without drying out skin. The quick-lathering formula rinses clean, leaving no greasy residue behind. Your skin will feel fresh and hydrated after each use.

An Ocean Breeze for the Senses

Inhale the crisp, clean notes of Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash and it’s like you’re breathing in the refreshing ocean air. The sophisticated fragrance whisks you away to seaside getaways with its nautical notes of sea spray, driftwood, and dune grasses.

As exhilarating as cresting waves and wind-capped surf, this body wash fills your shower with the scent of open waters. Its bright, ozonic aroma will help wake you up first thing in the morning or revive your senses after a long day.

Nourishing Plant-Based Formula

While the scent may transport your senses to the beach, the formula nourishes your skin. Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash gets its rich lather from plant-based cleansers that gently wash away dirt and odor. Natural rice protein conditions as it cleans to prevent dryness.

With each cleansing, your skin will feel renewed. The paraben- and phthalate-free body wash rinses clean without any greasy residue, leaving your skin fresh and hydrated. Gentle enough for daily use, it helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture.

Eco-Conscious Ocean Blue Bottle

The translucent ocean blue bottle brings the sea indoors while reflecting Method’s commitment to sustainability. Made from 100% PCR plastic, excluding the cap, it reuses old plastic destined for landfills.

Method’s iconic teardrop shape is designed to be ergonomic and easy to handle in the shower. The flip-top cap makes dispensing a breeze. When it’s time to recycle, just give the bottle a quick rinse and pop it in your recycling bin.

Part of a Complete Routine

For best results, use Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash as part of your regular grooming routine:

Showering: Apply a quarter-sized amount of body wash to a wet washcloth or loofah. Work into a lather then gently wash skin. Rinse thoroughly. For an extra boost, allow the gel wash to sit and soak before rinsing.

Shaving: Get your closest shave yet by using the body wash as a rich shaving cream. The lubricating lather helps protect skin and improve razor glide. Rinse razor frequently for your smoothest shave.

Post-Gym: Refresh sweaty skin after a workout by lathering up with the energizing body wash. Let the ocean breeze scent reenergize your senses.

Travel: Pack it in your gym bag or dopp kit to clean up on the go. The flip-top cap prevents leaks during travel.

Method Men’s Collection

Try other invigorating scents from Method Men, like:

Sea Minerals Body Wash: Infused with minerals and essential oils, this body wash detoxifies and refreshes.

Cedar + Cypress Body Wash: With notes of fir needle and medicinal citrus, this woodsy wash awakens the senses.

Charcoal Body Wash: Detoxify and revive skin with the natural power of activated charcoal. Leaves no black residue.

Sage + Mint Body Wash: Mint and Clary sage aromas give this wash a crisp, herbaceous scent.

Make the Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash Part of Your Self-Care Routine

Bring the smell of the ocean into your shower and make every day feel like a seaside getaway with Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash. Escape the daily grind and ride the waves of invigorating fragrance with this nourishing, plant-based body wash.


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