Method Men Cedar + Cypress Body Wash, Woodsy Scent for an Invigorating Shower Experience, Made with Plant-Based Cleansers, Paraben and Phthalate Free, 18 oz



Treat yourself to an invigorating shower experience with Method Men’s Cedar + Cypress Body Wash. Inspired by the fresh, woodsy scent of the great outdoors, this body wash will transport you to the forest with its crisp, masculine fragrance.

An Active, Plant-Based Formula for Cleaner Skin

Method Men’s body wash deeply cleanses without harsh chemicals. It’s thoughtfully formulated with plant-based surfactants to effectively wash away dirt and germs without stripping your skin. The cleansers quickly lather into a rich foam that rinses clean, leaving no soapy residue behind. Your skin will feel refreshed and healthy, never dry or tight.

The active formula is free of parabens, phthalates, and other questionable ingredients. Method chooses plant-based, biodegradable ingredients purposefully selected for what they add, not what they take away. This thoughtful composition results in a body wash that’s safer for you and gentler on the planet.

A Sophisticated Scent Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Escape into nature with the bold, woodsy fragrance of Method’s Cedar + Cypress Body Wash. This sophisticated scent will awaken your senses and stir your spirit.

Top notes of cypress evoke the crisp, clean aroma of evergreen forests. As the fragrance unfolds, cedarwood emerges, lending its warm, earthy character to the mix. Subtle touches of fir needle and moss complete the outdoor impression. Altogether, it’s a rugged yet refined fragrance that conjures up adventures in the open wilderness. Spritz it on and suddenly you’re miles away from civilization, taking in lungfuls of brisk forest air.

Let the tranquil atmosphere envelop you as you lather up. The rich lather will not only get you clean but also awaken your mind and melt your stress away. Step out feeling revitalized and ready to take on the day.

Ethical Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

Method takes a thoughtful approach to creating personal care products that work in harmony with you and the environment. They avoid questionable ingredients and instead thoughtfully select each component for what it adds to the formula.

You can trust Method Men’s Body Wash to nourish your skin because it’s:

  • Made without parabens or phthalates
  • Not tested on animals
  • Formulated with biodegradable plant-based cleansers
  • Packaged in bottles made with 65% recycled plastic

By choosing Method, you choose products made with care and conscience. Feel confident using this body wash knowing it’s free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. The plant-based formula gets you clean without compromise.

Simplify Your Shower Routine

Keep your grooming routine simple and streamlined with Method’s 2-in-1 hair and body formula. The versatile wash rinses cleanly from head to toe, eliminating the need for separate shampoo and shower gel. Lather it on from shoulders to scalp for a total cleansing experience. The soft, foamy lather won’t dry out your skin or hair.

For guys with sensitive skin, Method Men’s Body Wash is a great choice. The gentle plant-based cleansers won’t cause irritation or strip away natural oils. And it’s unscented, allowing you to layer on your favorite cologne without clashing fragrances.

Treat Yourself to Nature’s Bounty

In today’s busy world full of screens and stimulation, taking time to simply be present is ever more important. Treat yourself to a mini spa escape with Method’s natural body care products. Slip away to the forest for a few minutes as you lather up with the woodsy body wash.

Let the scent transport you away from the noise and responsibilities of life. Clear your mind as you rinse clean under the warm water. Emerge renewed and ready to make the most of the day ahead. Take this time to intentionally create space for self-care with high-quality bath products made ethically and sustainably.

Your skin and spirit deserve to be pampered. And Method Men’s Body Wash makes it easy to gift yourself simple luxuries and small decadences. Keep a bottle handy in the shower to upgrade your daily routine. It’s an affordable way to bring the serenity of nature into your space and your morning ritual.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Try Method’s Cedar + Cypress Body Wash risk-free with their money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with the product, return it for a full refund. See what a difference natural plant-based cleansers can make for your skin and shower experience.

Bring the essence of the great outdoors into your grooming routine with Method Men’s body care products. Their Cedar + Cypress Body Wash deeply cleanses while surrounding you with nature’s peaceful ambience. Pick up a bottle today to revive your senses and awaken your spirit.


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