Mercedes Benz The Move Men’s Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4 Ounces



Experience the thrill of the open road with the refreshing and energetic scent of Mercedes Benz The Move Eau De Toilette. This exhilarating men’s fragrance evokes the feeling of freedom, adventure, and new discoveries.

Top Notes of Citrus and Rhubarb for a Burst of Vibrancy

The opening of The Move immediately lifts your spirits with bright, juicy citrus notes like Italian lemon, Spanish orange, and grapefruit. The tartness is balanced by the earthy sweetness of rhubarb, giving a crisp and lively start.

Galbanum and Nutmeg Add a Spicy Kick

As the fragrance transitions to the heart, galbanum adds a resinous greenness while nutmeg brings warmth and a subtle spiciness. This creates dimension and interest. A touch of violet leaf contributes a soft, powdery texture.

Pepper Ramps Up the Energy

Black pepper bolsters the vigor of The Move, lending a bite of spice that keeps the momentum going. It prevents the fragrance from becoming too soft or sweet.

A Trail of Vetiver and Virginia Cedar

Finally, the base notes create a sensual trail withvetiver root, known for its earthy, woody aroma. This is complemented by the refined elegance of Virginia cedar. A touch of musky, warm patchouli grounds the composition.

A Fragrance That Captures the Thrill of the Ride

Overall, Mercedes Benz The Move excites the senses with its blend of citrus, woods, pepper, and aromatic greens. It’s perfect for the modern man with an adventurous spirit and passion for life. The eau de toilette concentration provides medium longevity and silage.

Versatile for Any Occasion

This versatile, anytime scent transitions seamlessly from day to night. It’s great for work, going out, casual weekends, and everything in between. The energy and charisma of The Move makes it a compliment magnet. Just a few sprays will fill you with confidence and have others taking notice.

High-Quality Composition by Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic

Mercedes Benz entrusted renowned perfumer Bruno Jovanovic to create The Move. With decades of experience crafting sophisticated fine fragrances, Jovanovic is an expert at balancing complexity and wearability.

Complete Your Fragrance Wardrobe

The Move is part of the Mercedes Benz fragrance collection for men. Explore the brand’s other colognes to find your signature scent or rotate depending on your mood and the occasion. Discover the refinement of Le Parfum, the seductive allure of Club Black, and more.

House of Mercedes Benz

Take your pick from the extensive Mercedes Benz range of men’s grooming products. In addition to fine fragrances, the house offers body care items like deodorant, shower gel, and aftershave balm to layer the scent. There are also stylish accessories like cufflinks and watches.

An Ideal Gift

Surprise the Motorsport enthusiast in your life with this dynamic eau de toilette. The sleek, silver metal bottle makes an impressive gift set for birthdays, Father’s Day, anniversaries, and Christmas. It arrives neatly packaged in a black Mercedes Benz box.

Give yourself a daily boost of energy and fearless spirit with Mercedes Benz The Move. Let this exhilarating scent set the mood for adventure, speed, and living in the moment.


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