Memo Paris African Leather Eau de Parfum – Captivating Scent Inspired by Exotic Africa



Transport your senses to the untamed beauty of Africa with the Memo Paris African Leather Eau de Parfum. This provocative unisex fragrance brilliantly captures the essence of the Dark Continent with a smooth, sensual leather accord.

Top Notes of Exotic African Ingredients

The top notes provide an intriguing introduction to this striking scent. Tart Italian bergamot and vibrant pink peppercorns from Africa awaken the senses. Luscious elemi resin from the Philippines provides a hint of the exotic.

Heart Notes of Spices and Florals

At the heart lies an enticing mélange of spices and florals. Saffron from the souks of Marrakech brings a touch of warmth. Egyptian jasmine lends its rich, heady aroma. Their indolic facets are beautifully balanced by the soft sweetness of orris butter.

Base Notes of Fine Leather

The smooth leather accord really makes its presence felt in the base. It unfurls to reveal facets of both hides tanned in traditional African methods and more modern European techniques. Everlasting flower grown by the lakes of Kenya provides depth and tenacity. Finally, Indonesian patchouli leaves its sensual, earthy imprint.

The Inspiration Behind This Scent

Memo Paris founder Clara Molloy sought to encapsulate the spirit of Africa in this composition. She was inspired by the continent’s incredible natural riches, craftsmanship passed down through generations, and cultural complexity. African Leather is her olfactory ode to this mesmerizing land.

How to Wear This Versatile Scent

Unisex by design, African Leather suits both men and women. Its blend of exotic ingredients and leather accord makes it perfect for cooler months. Spray on pulse points like the wrists, behind the ears and décolletage. The scintillating top notes will greet you, before the leather drydown leaves a sultry trail.

African Leather’s richness means it works well for evenings out, especially to cocktails or dinner. However, it also pairs nicely with casual daytime wear. Just go easy on the trigger for a more subtle effect. Its versatility takes it effortlessly from day to night.

An Eau de Parfum with Remarkable Tenacity

Memo Paris utilized a high concentration of perfume oil for African Leather. This allows the intricate accords to fully develop on the skin. An Eau de Parfum concentration also provides excellent longevity. It will accompany you for hours, with the leather notes lingering long after application.

Just a spray or two of this powerful fragrance is really all you need. Apply in moderation so the sillage politely announces your arrival instead of preceding you. With its memorable accords, African Leather is not a scent to wear lightly.

Memo Paris’s Dedication to Quality & Craftsmanship

Clara Molloy founded Memo Paris out of a passion for true luxury. EachMemo Paris fragrance focuses on sourcing the finest natural essences. Traditional French savoir-faire meets modern creative freedom during the meticulous composition process.

Memo Paris uses only the highest quality raw materials in their perfumes. From Indian sandalwood to Turkish rose, these precious ingredients form the palette for each striking scent. Every Memo Paris fragrance celebrates this dedication to perfection.

Try This Captivating Scent for Yourself

African Leather’s composition bears the unmistakable Memo Paris signature – rich, natural essences blended to perfection. If you appreciate fine fragrances, African Leather is a must-try. Its leather accord is smoothly sensual rather than overtly masculine. Spicy, exotic layers intrigue and delight the senses.

So transport yourself to untamed Africa, if only in spirit, with this luxury Eau de Parfum. Its sillage tells a remarkable scented story you’ll want to experience again and again.


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