Megababe Underarm Detox Bar Soap – Space Bar with Charcoal for Odor Control – 3.5 oz



Tired of stubborn underarm odor ruining your day? Looking for an easy, effective way to keep your pits fresh, clean and odor-free? Introducing the Megababe Underarm Detox Bar Soap – Space Bar. This revolutionary soap bar is specially formulated with activated charcoal to pull out impurities, toxins and bacteria that cause body odor right from the source – your underarms.

Detoxifies Underarms in Just 60 Seconds

The Megababe Underarm Detox Bar contains activated charcoal, a powerful detoxifying ingredient that works like a magnet to draw out odor-causing toxins, dirt, oil and bacteria from the surface of your skin. By thoroughly cleansing your underarms with this soap bar for just 60 seconds each day, you can eliminate stubborn odors and feel confident your pits will stay fresh all day long. No more embarrassing underarm smells!

Preps Underarms for Natural Deodorant

Many natural deodorants need a little help to work as effectively as traditional antiperspirants and deodorants. By using the Megababe Underarm Detox Bar before applying your natural deo, you ensure any sweat and odor causing residue is removed from your underarms. This allows your natural deodorant to cling to clean skin and work better at keeping odors at bay. Ditch the aluminum-filled drugstore deodorants and enjoy long lasting odor protection with your natural deo after using this pit-purifying bar.

Leaves Underarms Soft & Smooth

While eliminating odors, this Detox Bar also nourishes your underarms with skin-loving oils like avocado, sunflower and olive oils. These natural plant oils soften skin and provide lightweight moisture, leaving underarms hydrated and touchably soft. Glycolic acid gently exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities away, revealing brighter, smoother underarm skin over time. No more bumpy rough skin or irritation!

Lightly Scented with Tea Tree Oil

The Megababe Underarm Detox Bar has a light, refreshing scent from antimicrobial tea tree oil. Tea tree oil not only smells invigorating, but it also helps eliminate odor causing bacteria. Unlike heavy perfumes that just mask odors, this soap bar leaves your pits smelling naturally clean without any overwhelming fragrance.

Actived Charcoal Pulls Toxins to the Surface

At the heart of this pit-purifying bar is activated charcoal, an ingredient renowned for its detoxifying properties. Activated charcoal has a porous structure that effectively binds to and pulls out impurities from the skin like a magnet. With daily use, it brings deep-seated toxins, oil and bacteria to the surface of your skin where they can be washed away. The result? Pits that look and smell cleaner.

Palm Oil Free & Sustainably Packaged

Formulated without palm oil, this vegan underarm detox bar is gentle on skin while also being gentler on the environment. It comes wrapped in a fully recyclable FSC-certified paper, meaning the materials used to produce the packaging came from responsibly managed forests. Feel good knowing this effective odor eliminating bar avoids harsh ingredients and unnecessary plastic waste.

How to Use

Keep the Megababe Underarm Detox Bar by your bathroom sink and use it as part of your daily hygiene routine:

  • Wet underarms and gently massage bar directly onto skin in a circular, scrubbing motion for 60 seconds
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat dry
  • For best results, use daily before applying deodorant

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work to control odor?

Yes! The activated charcoal draws out impurities lodged deep in your underarm pores to thoroughly cleanse away odor-causing toxins, sweat and bacteria. Daily use helps prevent odor from returning.

Do I still need to use deodorant after using this bar?

We recommend following up with an aluminum-free natural deodorant for lasting odor protection. The Megababe Underarm Detox Bar preps your pits so your natural deo can cling better and work more effectively.

How long will one bar last?

One 3.5 oz bar lasts approximately 3 months with daily use. Results improve over time with consistent use. For best odor elimination, use daily.

Can I use on other body parts?

Yes, you can use this soap bar anywhere on the body, including feet, back and other odor-prone areas. The charcoal pulls toxins from pores to deodorize skin all over.

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

This soap is gentle enough for most sensitive skin types. However, do a patch test before initial use if you have very sensitive skin. As with any new product, discontinue use if irritation occurs.

What is the return policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the results. Simply return unused portion for a full refund.

Don’t let underarm odor hijack your confidence any longer. Detoxify and deodorize your pits in just 60 seconds daily with the Megababe Underarm Detox Bar Soap – Space Bar. Stock up on this odor eliminating bar today and experience fresh, odor-free underarms starting tomorrow!


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