Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense EDP Spray for Women, 3.3 oz



Experience the alluring blend of floral and woody scents with Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense EDP Spray for Women. This mesmerizing fragrance opens with top notes of aromatic pink pepper and nutty roasted almond. As it evolves, the heart reveals an alluring floral bouquet of seductive jasmine blended with airy white flowers. Finally, the fragrance settles into a sensual base of creamy sandalwood, earthy vetiver and warm amber.

With each spritz, you’ll be enveloped in the unforgettable sillage of Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense. The striking square bottle features clean lines and modern simplicity, allowing the golden elixir within to be the real star. Chic and refined, it looks beautiful displayed on your vanity or tucked into your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense evokes femininity, glamour and sophisticated style. Let its multi-layered accords carry you from day to night. Spray it on pulse points like your wrists, neck and décolletage so you can continue to enjoy its bouquet as you move. The fragrance lasts for hours, allowing you to feel beautiful from morning meetings to evening cocktails.

Top Notes

The top notes offer an invigorating pop of pink pepper, fresh and spicy. This mingles with the nuttiness of roasted almond, adding a gourmand nuance.

Heart Notes

As the fragrance develops, it takes on a floral heart. Jasmine absolute from Egypt lends its rich, honeyed aroma. Jasmine sambac, with its brighter and fresher facets, amplifies the floralcy. White flowers add lift and femininity.

Base Notes

Finally, the base notes create depth with their earthy and sensual allure. Creamy sandalwood, derived sustainably from Australia, provides a smooth touch. Vetiver roots from Haiti contribute grassy, smoky facets. Benzoin resin rounds out the fragrance with its slightly vanillic ambery warmth.

How to Apply

Apply Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense EDP Spray generously to clean, dry skin. Start with one or two sprays to wrists, neck and décolletage. You can reapply as needed throughout the day to refresh the scent. The fragrance lasts 8-10 hours. For best results, avoid rubbing wrists together after application as this can crush the notes.

When to Wear

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense EDP Spray for Women is a versatile fragrance that can be worn year-round. The lush florals and woods make this a beautiful choice for spring and summer. In cooler months, its rich layers continue to envelop you in luxurious scent. Wear it to the office, out on dates or any time you want to feel elegant and put-together.

Who Can Wear

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense EDP Spray is ideal for feminine, sophisticated women. The floral heart has universal appeal, making this a complimentary scent for women of all ages. Spritz it on for a boost of confidence before a big presentation at work or first date nerves. Its sensual base notes also make it perfect for date nights out with your partner or spouse.


With its stylish bottle and intriguing blend of fragrance notes, Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense makes a wonderful gift. Consider presenting it for birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas or any occasion. The beautiful bottle looks stunning when wrapped up with a bow. Any woman would be thrilled to find this in her gift box.

Let your signature scent make a statement and uplift your confidence with Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense EDP Spray for Women. Its mouthwatering top notes, alluring floral heart and sensual base come together in a fragrance that is utterly intoxicating. Spritz on this Marc Jacobs perfume and get ready to mesmerize.


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