Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray for Women, Lovely Floral Scent with Notes of Violet Leaves, Wild Strawberries, and Vanilla



Treat yourself to the sweetly feminine scent of Marc Jacobs Daisy. This delightful eau de toilette fragrance opens with top notes of violet leaves and juicy wild strawberries, creating an irresistible fruity-floral first impression. The heart blooms with a bouquet of violet petals and sheer jasmine, adding depth and intrigue to the scent profile. Finally, base notes of creamy musk and warm vanilla infusion wrap you in a soft, sensual veil of luxury.

Inspired by Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, this fragrance evokes the youthful exuberance and free spirit of the Jazz Age. The unique bottle design is as charming as Daisy herself, featuring a playful daisy flower cap and retro-chic gold accents. Just a spritz of this effervescent eau de toilette elevates your mood and radiates joie de vivre.

An Effortlessly Feminine Scent for Everyday Wear

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfectly captures the casually elegant essence of the modern woman. Lively top notes create an instant boost of energy and positivity to get you going. The floral heart is undeniably pretty yet grown up enough for daily wear. A splash of musk and vanilla in the base lend a warm, lived-in sensuality. This versatile scent transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Daisy’s sparkling vibrancy blends beautifully with your natural pheromones. The fresh fruity top notes create an effervescent first impression, while the soft floral heart and musky base linger closer to the skin. This skin chemistry makes the fragrance unique to you.

Wear It Your Way: Creative Layering for Customized Scent

One of the best qualities of Daisy is its versatility. This playful scent mixes well with other fragrances, allowing you to create customized layers and make the scent your own.

Layer it over your favorite vanilla lotion for a warm, sensual effect. The strawberry top notes contrast beautifully with vanilla. For an extra feminine touch, mix it with a jasmine or rose scented body cream. You can even layer it with another EDT – try something citrusy and green to highlight Daisy’s fruity florals.

Daisy’s sheer formula layers seamlessly without overwhelming. A touch behind the ears and knees is all you need for soft, alluring scent that lasts.

A Floral Burst of Positivity to Uplift Your Mood

One whiff of this refreshing fragrance is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Sweet wild strawberries mixed with sheer florals create a youthful, feminine effect that’s never cloying. The sparkling top notes feel fun and flirty, while the smooth floral heart and musky base lend sophistication.

Daisy reflects the beautiful contradictions we all have inside us. It’s playful yet elegant, innocent yet womanly. This scent enhances your own complexities. Spritz it on any time you need a quick mood booster or confidence lift.

The floral composition has an undeniable uplifting quality that spreads joy wherever you go. Let Daisy infuse positive vibes into your everyday. A few spritzes energize you from morning to night.

A Sophisticated Scent You Can Wear with Anything

Daisy’s sheer, clean musky base means it goes with just about everything. It’s light enough for the office, yet intriguing enough for a date. The sparkling fruity top notes feel equally at home in casual daytime settings.

In warmer weather, Daisy brilliantly sets off fresh linens, sundresses and shorts. It’s the perfect complement to bare sun-kissed skin. Come cooler temps, it adds femininity to fall fashion layers. Try it with flannels, cardigans and chunky sweaters.

This versatile scent transitions seamlessly from season to season. Keep a bottle on your vanity year-round as your go-to daily pick-me-up.

About the Fragrance House of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs fragrances offer whimsical, youthful scents for the playful modern woman. Inspired by fashion muse models, these fragrances have an avant-garde, haute couture vibe while remaining wearable and fun.

Other popular Marc Jacobs perfumes include the gardenia-iris scent Daisy Dream, fetching Daisy Love with its fruity-floral kiss, and decadent Daisy Eau So Sweet blending raspberry, rose and creamy musks. Discover the Daisy fragrance that best complements your personality.

Let Marc Jacobs Daisy fill your days with playful femininity and positive vibes. This youthful floral eau de toilette uplifts your mood and adds a touch of casual luxury to everyday life. Daisy is bottled happiness!


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