Marc Ecko Blue Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, Fresh Aquatic Scent



Escape to the coast with the fresh aquatic scent of Marc Ecko Blue Eau de Toilette. This invigorating men’s fragrance evokes cool breezes off the ocean, with crisp notes of citrus, ginger, and sage layered over a heart of geranium and lavender. Earthy undertones of moss, amberwood, and musk give Marc Ecko Blue a grounded yet uplifting scent profile perfect for casual everyday wear.

Top Notes: Sparkling Citrus and Herbal Accents

The top notes of Marc Ecko Blue burst open with effervescent citrus fruits like Italian lemon, bergamot, and mandarin orange. These sunny citrus notes mingle with spicy accents of ginger and sage, adding a crisp, aromatic edge. The interplay between tangy citrus fruits and lively herbal notes creates an invigorating first impression.

Heart Notes: Floral Nuances of Geranium and Lavender

As the citrus and herbal accords fade, they reveal a heart of floral geranium and lavender. The geranium adds a bright, rosy tone with subtle green facets, while the lavender contributes a soft, soothing herbalcy. Together these florals create a breezy, mellow heart that’s neither too sweet nor too spicy.

Base Notes: Earthy Moss, Musk and Amberwood

Finally, earthier base notes give Marc Ecko Blue depth and dimension. Velvety oak moss lends a rich green tone, while traces of musk add softness. Smooth amberwood notes round out the fragrance with warmth. The mossy, musky base TEMPERS the brighter citrus and floral notes, giving Marc Ecko Blue a well-balanced, easygoing personality.

Versatile Scent for Casual Everyday Wear

Marc Ecko Blue’s blend of citrus, herbs, light florals and earthy woods makes it extremely versatile. It’s lively without being overpowering, making it suitable for daytime wear year-round. The aquatic nuances are perfect for warmer weather, evoking tropical beaches and ocean breezes. Meanwhile, the musky, mossy base adds enough heft for cooler fall and winter wear. Marc Ecko Blue works well in casual settings, whether you’re hanging out with friends, running errands, or just relaxing at home.

About the Marc Ecko Brand

Marc Ecko is an American fashion designer known for his urban, youthful aesthetic. After founding his Ecko Unlimited clothing brand in the 1990s, he expanded into fragrances in the 2000s with the launch of Marc Ecko colognes. Like Ecko’s clothing, his fragrances have an energetic, contemporary vibe. They’re designed to complement the active, adventurous lifestyle of Marc Ecko’s young customer base.


Marc Ecko Blue comes in a 3.4 ounce spray bottle. The sleek, masculine bottle design has a curved silhouette with textured edges. A navy blue cap picks up the “blue” in the name. The front features an abstract print design in shades of blue, echoing the fragrance’s aquatic theme. Simple stylized Marc Ecko logos in silver complete the look.

How to Apply

Apply Marc Ecko Blue to pulse points on the neck, wrists and chest. The warmth of the skin will help diffuse the fragrance. For stronger projection and longevity, spray onto clothing as well. Reapply as needed throughout the day to refresh the scent. Avoid over-application, as the fragrance can become overwhelming. Let the crisp citrus and herbal top notes energize you, while the base provides staying power.

Similar Fragrances

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These fragrances have similar energetic, aquatic-inspired scent profiles. Marc Ecko Blue combines classic masculine fragrance elements like citrus, herbs and woods in a youthful, modern way. It will appeal to younger men looking for a vibrant, easy-to-wear scent for everyday life.

Consumer Reviews

“This is a really nice fragrance for daily wear. The citrus notes are really refreshing and it has pretty good longevity on me. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it smells clean and attractive.”

“Bought this for my teenage son and it’s become his new favorite. It has a sporty vibe that works well for his active lifestyle. The price point makes it affordable too.”

“I like how it smells aquatic and breezy without the typical ‘ocean’ fragrance DNA. It’s a nice change from my usual musky woody scents.”

“I get lots of compliments whenever I wear this. The lavender note is really nice and unique for a men’s cologne.”

“This is just an easy, pleasant scent to wear. It works well for casual everyday activities and the bottle looks nice on my dresser.”


With its exhilarating citrus and herbal top notes, breezy floral heart, and grounded woodsy base, Marc Ecko Blue is perfect for modern men on the go. Both laidback and vibrant, it sets the mood for relaxed good times, whether you’re meeting friends for lunch or headed to the beach. Let Marc Ecko Blue provide the perfect finishing touch to your casual looks all year long.


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