MANIC PANIC Vampyre’s Ultra Matte White Pressed Powder Makeup



Embrace your inner vampire with the MANIC PANIC Vampyre’s Veil Ultra Matte White Pressed Powder. This stark white powder is perfect for achieving the pale complexion of the undead. The buildable formula allows you to customize your look from a subtle paranormal pallor to a full-on vampire vibe.

Achieve Vampire Pallor for Halloween or Everyday

The MANIC PANIC Vampyre’s Veil powder is a must-have for Halloween costumes and gothic makeup looks. But this versatile pressed powder can also be part of your daily routine. Apply it lightly over your foundation for a demure porcelain finish. Or layer it on for an ultra-dramatic matte white complexion evocative of a bloodless vampire. It’s ideal for anyone who prefers a whiter shade of pale!

Buildable Matte Coverage

Build your desired level of paranormal pallor with the Vampyre’s Veil pressed powder. It can be applied lightly for a subtle brightening effect. But it also builds beautifully to full opaque coverage for a true white facial makeup look. The ultra-matte finish minimizes shine for a flawlessly undead complexion.

Perfect for Setting Makeup

In addition to giving you a vampire-worthy canvas, the Vampyre’s Veil also excels at setting makeup. Apply your liquid or cream foundation first. Then dust on the white powder to lock it in place all day or night long. The setting powder helps prevent creasing and fading for long lasting wear.

Cruelty Free & Vegan Formula

You can feel good about using MANIC PANIC’s pressed powder. It’s vegan and cruelty free, so no animals were harmed in its production. The Vampyre’s Veil contains no parabens either. The formula uses natural clays and silica for a smooth application.

Comes with Applicator Puff and Mirror

For convenient application, the Vampyre’s Veil compact includes a built-in mirror and applicator puff. The mirror is ideal for on-the-go touch ups to keep your pallor perfect. And the puff picks up and deposits just the right amount of powder for flawless blending.

Favored by Special FX Artists

MANIC PANIC’s Vampyre Veil white powder is popular not only for Halloween costumes but also professional makeup artistry. Theatrical, stage, and special effects (S FX) makeup artists reach for this pressed powder when they need an intense matte white base for looks ranging from mimes to zombies.

Works for Various Complexions

While the Vampyre’s Veil delivers a stark matte white finish, it complements and works with many skin tones. As a setting powder, it smooths the complexion beautifully on light to medium skin. And for dark complexions, it serves as a blank white canvas for creative makeup artistry.

Complete the Look

Take your vampire or goth makeup to the next level by pairing MANIC PANIC’s Vampyre Veil white powder with these products:

  • Black liquid eyeliner – wing it out for dramatic vampire eyes
  • Dark burgundy or black lipstick – essential for a gothic pout
  • White cream face paint – use as an intense base before applying powder
  • Fake blood – trickle it from the corners of your mouth for a fresh-fed look

Let your inner Nosferatu loose with the MANIC PANIC Vampyre’s Veil Ultra Matte White Pressed Powder. One application of this buildable formula will leave your complexion with a paranormal pallor perfect for vampires, goths, and the undead.


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