MAKUP Brow Me Eyebrow Sculpting Gel Wax Hybrid



Give your brows a makeover with the innovative MAKUP Brow Me Eyebrow Sculpting Gel Wax Hybrid! This revolutionary formula combines the holding strength of a wax with the easy application of a gel for brows that stay perfectly sculpted all day long.

Sculpt Beautiful, Defined Brows That Last

Tired of your brows losing their shape halfway through the day? With the Brow Me sculpting gel, you can achieve picture-perfect arches that hold their form from morning to night. The unique hybrid formula delivers the strong hold you need while being easy to apply. Just use the angled brush to sculpt brows into the shape you desire. The lightweight gel dries quickly into a flexible, yet durable finish that resists melting and smudging in heat, humidity, and moisture.

Water & Sweat Resistant for Active Lifestyles

No need to worry about your brows sliding off your face during workouts or on hot summer days. This sweat and water resistant brow gel is designed to withstand your active, on-the-go lifestyle. The innovative formula contains polymers that form a waterproof film on the hairs to lock them into place. Whether you’re heading to the gym or the beach, your brows will stay perfectly groomed.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Formula

You can feel good about using this brow sculpting gel, as it is completely vegan and cruelty-free. No animal-derived ingredients or byproducts are used, making it a great choice for ethical beauty. Never tested on animals, this formula offers salon-quality results you can feel good about.

Paraben-Free for Clean Beauty

Many conventional brow gels contain parabens, a controversial preservative. The Brow Me sculpting gel is completely paraben-free, making it a cleaner option. Enjoy shaping your arches without the worry of questionable chemicals. The formula contains natural waxes and polymers to keep brows in place without parabens.

Matte, Natural-Looking Finish

Say goodbye to stiff, crunchy brows! This innovative brow gel dries to a flexible, matte finish that looks like your real brows, only better. The lightweight gel blends in seamlessly, sculpting without leaving any sticky, visible residue behind. The natural matte texture also makes it easy to layer brow pencil and powder on top.

How to Use

Brush brows into desired shape using the angled brush. Follow your natural brow shape or create an arch.
Apply the Brow Me gel using short, light strokes to coat hairs from root to tip.
Let the formula dry completely before applying other brow products on top. The matte finish makes layering pencil or powder easy.
For extra hold and definition, repeat the process with a second layer.
Remove with makeup remover or cleanser at the end of the day.
Experience the brow makeover you’ve been waiting for with the innovative MAKUP Brow Me Eyebrow Sculpting Gel Wax Hybrid. This multitasking formula sculpts, sets, and defines brows for a full day of perfection. The water-resistant gel is specially formulated to withstand heat, humidity, and activity while keeping your arches fabulously groomed.

Go from sparse, scattered brows to full, shapely arches in just minutes! This revolutionary wax-gel hybrid lets you custom sculpt brows for a flawless look every time.


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