Magically Transform into an Anime Character with these Manga Lashes Natural Look False Eyelashes



Do you dream of taking on the captivating allure of an anime or manga character? Get ready to make that fantasy a reality with the Manga Lashes Natural Look False Eyelashes from EYDEVRO. These dramatic yet natural-looking lashes will give you the eye-catching, fluttery look straight out of your favorite anime or comic.

Natural Yet Statement-Making Lashes

While the Manga Lashes deliver serious cosplay impact, they still retain a featherlight, natural essence. The wispy mink hairs are arranged into 7 lush clusters for gorgeous eyelash volume without heaviness. Each crisscrossed lash mimics the growth pattern of real eyelashes for seamless blending with your natural lashes.

The slim 0.2mm cotton band is gentle on eyes while providing strong, flexible hold all day long. Once applied, these falsies will feel like a natural extension of your lids. Get ready to bat those wispy, fluffy lashes all day long in comfort.

Designed for Versatility

The Manga Lashes unique design makes them versatile enough for both cosplay play and everyday wear. Their light and airy construction gives you a fresh, wide-eyed look perfect for school, work or casual outings. Yet their spiky, anime-inspired silhouette also delivers bold impact for costumes, conventions and photoshoots.

Whether you’re assuming the role of a magica girl or just want to amplify your daily makeup, these falsies make a statement. Their layered volume and feathery flare bring manga fantasy to life on your eyes.

Allergic-Friendly for Extended Wear

Since the Manga Lashes feature a hypoallergenic cotton band and soft mink hairs, you can enjoy extended, comfortable wear. As an animal-cruelty free alternative to mink, these synthentic mink lashes are ideal for sensitive eyes. The flexible cotton band also prevents pinching or heaviness on your lids.

Each pair can be worn up to 8 times with proper cleansing between uses. Simply use eyelash glue to apply the lashes tightly along your lash line. After each use, gently remove the glue and store the lashes in the included case. Follow the included instructions to keep your falsies in top shape.

Get the Look of Individual Lashes

Achieve the look of meticulously applied individual lashes with the convenience of falsies! The Manga Lashes unique cluster design imitates the look of individual lash extensions for polished results.

Rather than a thick lash strip, these falsies feature 7 sections of lightweight lashes. The layers of delicate criss-crossed lashes diffuse seamlessly into your natural lashes. This creates the soft, fluttery effect of individual lash extensions – minus the salon time and cost.

Customize the Fit

You can trim the Manga Lashes band to fit the unique curve of your eyes for comfortable, gap-free wear. Use sharp scissors to carefully snip the ends of the cotton strip to better fit your eye shape.

The cotton lash band also keeps its shape after trimming and gently hugs the contours of your eyes. Once trimmed and applied, the lashes will feel like they were custom-made for your eyes.

Cosplay Like a Pro

Take your cosplay game to the next level with these manga-worthy lashes! Their spiky, eye-catching silhouette emulates the exaggerated lashes of anime characters. Fan conventions, costumes parties and photoshoots will all be more authentic and fun with these falsies.

The dynamic crisscross design and featherlight materials are comfortable enough for all-day wear at conventions. Just add your favorite colorful eyeliner, shadow or graphic eyeliner for the complete anime eye look.

Try Them Risk-Free

We believe you’ll be blown away by how these falsies transform your gaze into fascination manga eyes. However, if you’re not completely satisfied with the Manga Lashes for any reason, we’ll provide a replacement set or full refund.

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction is our top priority. We also welcome any feedback to improve our lashes. Bring your anime fantasies to life with the magical Manga Lashes from EYDEVRO!


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