Luxo Fogless Shower Mirror – Suction Razor Holder for Crystal Clear Grooming



Shave and tweeze with ease using the Luxo fogless shower mirror. This innovative bath accessory sticks securely onto shower walls and prevents fogging, providing you with a crystal clear reflection.

The strong suction cup, anti-fog coating and built-in razor holder give you the ideal solution for frustration-free grooming in steamy showers.

Anti-Fog Coating Prevents Condensation

Say goodbye to opaque, foggy shower mirrors! The plastic mirror lens has a special coating that prevents water condensation from forming.

Hot humid showers cause regular mirrors to become useless as they fog up. But the Luxo mirror maintains 100% clarity from edge to edge, allowing you to see pores and hairs with ease.

Simply wipe it before each use and the anti-fog properties will keep the mirror crystal clear while you shave or tweeze.

Powerful Suction Cup Adheres Tightly

The back features an industrial strength suction cup that adheres securely onto any smooth, non-porous surface. Firmly attach it to shower walls, glass doors, mirrors or tiles.

The powerful vacuum seal holds the lightweight mirror in place steadily, even as you press and glide a razor across it. Adjust the swiveling joint to get the perfect angle.

Sticks tightly on surfaces like acrylic, plastic, marble, granite, glass and finished wood. Not ideal for textured tile.

Built-in Razor Holder for Convenience

The bottom edge has notches to conveniently hold disposable razor handles as you shave. Simply slide any standard razor into the slot to keep within easy reach.

The grooves allow for proper water drainage to keep razors clean and hygienic. No need for shaving cream slopping all over shower ledges and walls.

Always have your razor ready to eliminate cuts from fumbling around. Focus on a quick, frustration-free shave.

Portable Shatterproof Design

Weighing just 4.8 ounces, the durable shatterproof plastic construction makes the Luxo mirror ideal for:

Travel – pack it to use in hotels, campers, RVs and dorms.
Small bathrooms – sticks onto medicine cabinets and vanities.
Apartments – easily affix onto shower doors and tiles.
The convenient 5” x 7” size takes up minimal space while providing ample visibility for grooming. Enjoy fog-free shaving anywhere!

Great for All Grooming Needs

The Luxo fogless shower mirror is perfect for:

Men who shave daily in the shower.
Women looking for magnification for makeup and plucking.
Frequent travelers who need portable grooming mirrors.
Teenagers learning to shave independently.
Anyone who struggles to see clearly in humid bathrooms.
See every hair, blemish and pore easily for quick, precise grooming sessions.

We Stand Behind Our Product

Your satisfaction means everything to us. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the Luxo mirror for any reason. Just contact us for a prompt refund or replacement.

Experience frustration-free grooming with clear, fog-free visibility in the shower. Get the Luxo anti-fog mirror today!


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