Luxillia Magnetic Eyelashes Kit – Natural Looking Faux Mink Lashes & Waterproof Magnetic Eyeliner



Get ready to unlock effortlessly beautiful lashes in seconds with Luxillia’s innovative magnetic eyelashes kit. Our cruelty-free faux mink lashes and long-lasting magnetic eyeliner make applying falsies easier than ever.

With our exclusive eyeliner formula and ultra-lightweight lashes, you can achieve a natural, subtle lash enhancement anytime.

Our Special Magnetic Eyeliner – The Secret to Easy Application

Our smudge-proof magnetic eyeliner formula is expertly designed to hold lashes in place securely all day. It’s packed with an abundant concentration of micromagnetic particles that create an invisible magnetic field when applied.

This allows the lashes to seamlessly fuse onto your lash line with precision. No irritating glues needed!

The deep black liner coats evenly and dries quickly. Apply just one swipe to upper lids for strong magnetic adhesion immediately. Touch ups are easy – simply apply more liner.

Fluttery Faux Mink Lashes for a Natural Look

Our cruelty-free faux mink lashes strike the perfect balance between length and volume for a seamless enhancement.

Made with premium synthetic silk, the ultra-fine 0.2mm fibers are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. The thin lash band is transparent and blends into your natural lash line.

Each set comes with 1 pair of full lashes, 2 pairs of half lashes, and 1 applicator wand. Mix and match to create a soft, fluttery look accentuating your eyes beautifully.

Key Benefits

  • Magnetic liner formula provides strong, instant adhesion
  • Waterproof liner stays put all day long
  • Lightweight, natural-looking faux mink lashes
  • Reusable lashes can be worn up to 10 times
  • Cruelty-free and vegan friendly

Our Lash Application Routine

With our magnetic lashes kit, getting picture-perfect lashes takes just minutes!

Step 1: Apply eyeliner along lash line and let dry completely.

Step 2: Gently remove lashes from tray. Peel off excess fibers if needed.

Step 3: Position lash band close to liner and the lashes will instantly adhere.

Step 4: Use applicator wand to adjust placement as needed.

No irritating glue touching your skin or damaging your natural lashes. Just smooth, comfortable enhancement in seconds!

Designed for Everyday Wear & Special Occasions

Our magnetic lashes kit is perfect for:

  • Everyday wear – Apply half lashes for a subtle daytime look.
  • Date nights – Full lashes create a sultry evening look.
  • Parties and events – Durable liner stays put for hours of wear.
  • Vacations – Travel friendly kit saves packing space.
  • Weddings and photos – Look picture perfect all day.

Experience the magic of effortless magnetic lashes whenever you want gorgeous fluttery eyes!

Luxillia’s Satisfaction Promise

Try our magnetic eyelashes risk-free with our 1 year money back guarantee. If you don’t love them, let us know and we’ll make it right.

We stand behind the quality of our cruelty-free lashes and eyeliner. We want you to look beautiful and feel confident every single day.

Add this innovative magnetic lashes kit to your beauty routine now!


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