Lip Balm Container Tray Kit – Make 50 Custom Lip Balms At Home



Create your own all-natural lip balms with the complete lip balm making kit from Mary Tylor Naturals! This set provides everything you need to whip up 50 custom lip balms right at home.

The kit includes 50 leakproof 0.15oz lip balm tubes with screw caps, a filling tray, and spatula. Made in the USA from premium food-grade plastic. Design fun DIY lip care gifts or start your own balm business!

Make Lip Balm Like a Pro!

Making lip balm is fun, easy, and addicting! This kit provides professional quality lip balm containers so you can concoct custom balms like a boss.

The filling tray keeps tubes upright and steady for quick, mess-free pouring. Use the spatula to scoop and stir your melted balm mixture before filling.

Once cooled and hardened, screw on the black caps for leakproof transport. Share your creations or sell them for profit!

Endless Flavor & Formula Possibilities

Let your imagination run wild creating all kinds of lip balms with this kit! Some favorites include:

Sweet Flavors: honey, maple, strawberry, coconut, banana, cocoa

Tropical Flavors: pineapple, mango, passionfruit, guava, lime

Savory Flavors: coffee, tea, cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint

You can also create tinted balms and SPF sunscreen lip balms. Use natural butters like shea or cocoa butter for ultra moisture. The options are endless!

Perfect For Gift Giving!

Whip up a batch of cute flavored lip balms to gift friends and family! Custom balms make great:

Birthday gifts
Bridesmaid gifts
Teacher gifts
Stocking stuffers
Gift baskets
No one can resist fun flavored lip balm. Make it even more special by designing custom labels with recipient names.

Professional Quality Container Kit

Don’t settle for flimsy containers that leak and ruin your balm recipes. Our premium lip balm tubes are made in the USA from thick FDA food-grade PET plastic for durability.

The secure screw-top caps provide an air-tight seal to keep balms fresh. Enjoy mess-free filling thanks to the sturdy, smoothly polished tubes that stand upright in the tray.

Our kits are trusted by seasoned lip balm makers! Make batch after batch with confidence.

Get Started Making Your Own Balms!

Everything you need for making 50 custom lip balms is included in this all-in-one kit:

50 x 0.15oz Clear Lip Balm Tubes
Black Screw Caps
Stainless Steel Filling Tray
Stainless Steel Spatula
All you need is some balm ingredients and creativity! DIY your own all-natural lip treatments to gift and sell.


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