Lilac St – Pro Lash Glue – Long Lasting Bond for False Lashes



Achieve salon-worthy lashes at home with the Lilac St Pro Lash Glue! This extra-strong bonding formula keeps falsies in place through anything with just one application. The latex-free, black glue dries fast for a seamless look and lasts over a week with proper care.

The mini mascara wand applicator allows precise placement of the quick-drying glue. Create a flawless lash line without the hassle of salon trips. Pair with Lilac St falsies for luxe lashes in minutes!

No-Budge Hold for Over a Week

Standard lash glues lose their grip in just days, requiring messy reapplication daily. Our Pro formula creates an extra-strong bond that lasts over a week with one glue application!

The durable, waterproof glue withstands busy lifestyles. Once dried, lashes stay locked in place until you are ready to remove. Skip the daily glue touchups and maintain flawless lashes for nights out, vacations and more.

Dries Super Fast for Instant Bonding

Waiting for glue to dry can feel like an eternity and allow applied lashes to slip out of place. Our Pro Lash Glue dries in seconds to instantly adhere falsies for a perfect hold.

The quick bonding time means you can apply lashes rapidly with no frustrations. Go from bare lashes to full glam in minutes with the fast-drying formula.

Precise Application Wand for Pro Results

Messy glue application with brushes or fingers leads to a clumpy lash line. Our unique mini mascara wand allows precise, clump-free glue placement for flawless results.

The slim applicator lets you coat lashes evenly and fully without globs. Apply glue rapidly along the lash band just like mascara. The wand makes professional application easy!

Made for Sensitive Eyes

Standard lash glues contain latex that can irritate eyes and skin for a miserable lash experience. Our innovative latex-free formula is gentle enough for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Enjoy comfortable, itch-free wear. Our clean composition adheres lashes securely without risk of reaction. Achieve flawless lashes without the hassle of salon trips!

Steps to Perfect Lash Application:

Measure and trim band to fit eye width.

Use wand to apply thin layer of glue along the lash band.

Wait 10 seconds for glue to get tacky.

Apply lashes as close to natural lash line as possible.

Hold 20-30 seconds to ensure full bonding.

Enjoy luxe lashes for over a week!

Glamorous lashes made easy with the Lilac St Pro Lash Glue. Experience salon-worthy results without the hassle, chemicals, or cost!


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