Lightning Speed Eyelash Extensions Glue – Salon-Exclusive Formula for Faster Lash Appointments



Lash artists, meet your new secret weapon! The Lightning Speed Eyelash Extensions Glue from Stacy Lash sets in a lightning-fast 0.3 seconds for dramatically faster lash application. This revolutionary latex-free formula offers the lowest-fume, longest-lasting hold yet for semi-permanent lashes.

Get ready to shave hours off your lash appointment times and wow clients with instant adhesion. The low-viscosity glue prevents clumping and dries crystal clear for invisible bonds. Take your lash game to the next level with superior retention up to 8 weeks!

0.3 Second Drying – It’s Almost Instant!

This hyper-fast bonding adhesive eliminates the waiting game between laying lashes. The innovative formula dries in a split second to instantly lock extensions in place with no slipping or shifting.

Skip the counting between lashes and work in nearly continuous motion to apply a full set in record time. Clients can open their eyes and be on their way in half the time of regular glues.

Low-Fume Formula for Sensitive Eyes

Standard lash glues can bother sensitive eyes with strong fumes during application. Our Lightning Speed formula emits the lowest levels of odor and vapors to prevent irritation.

Clients can relax with their eyes closed longer without complaining of fumes. The gentle composition contains no latex proteins that commonly cause allergic reactions. Even lash artists sensitive to regular glues can use this adhesive comfortably.

Flawless Clear Hold That Lasts

While some fast-bonding glues sacrifice longevity, our Lightning Speed adhesive provides incredible 6-8 week retention! The transparent latex-free formula maintains a crystal clear, long-lasting bond between natural lashes and extensions.

No yellowing or browning over time. The flexible hold keeps flawless gaps and fanning, even as your natural lashes shed and regrow. Get the best of both worlds – speed AND durability!

Low-Viscosity Formula for Clump-Free Application

Thick glues can clump extensions together into sticky webs during application. Our innovative low-viscosity Lightning Speed formula applies smoothly without sticking lashes together.

The thin consistency flows easily off the wand for super precise control over each individual extension placement. Prevent messy clumping and build flawless fans and rows faster than ever.

Salon-Exclusive Formula

To ensure safety, the super-fast Lightning Speed bonding adhesive is reserved for professional lash artist use only. The strong instant grip makes this glue unsuitable and dangerous for self-application.

Lash artists must complete official training to demonstrate competency with semi-permanent lashes. Self-application risks damaging natural lashes and eye infections. Leave extensions to the experts and avoid the dangers of misuse.

Take Your Lash Game to the Next Level

If you’re a skilled lash tech looking to expand your client base and profits, the Lightning Speed adhesive delivers. Dramatically reduced appointment times means fitting more clients in your day.

Wowed customers will spread the word about your amazing fast service. The latex-free, low-fume formula provides exceptional comfort even for sensitive eyes.

Speed up lash sessions without sacrificing bond strength and longevity. Ditch your old glue and experience the latest innovation in semi-permanent extensions! Contact us through Amazon with any questions.


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