Lifestance Waxing Kit – Salon-Quality Hair Removal at Home



Treat yourself to professional waxing results without the salon hassle or expense with the Lifestance Waxing Kit. This at-home waxing system includes our innovative digital wax warmer and 4 bags of premium jasmine wax beads for superior hair removal.

The all-in-one kit provides everything you need to wax like a pro. Safely and effectively remove hair from brows, legs, arms, back, bikini area and more. No more razor bumps or embarrassing grow-back!

Digital Wax Warmer for Precise Control

The groundbreaking Lifestance digital wax warmer gives you pinpoint control over your wax temperature. The LED display clearly shows the exact temp so you never have to guess.

Easily customize the heat level to your liking. Low temps allow more working time for larger areas while high heat is perfect for smaller zones. Prevent burns with warmer that melts wax evenly and consistently.

Salon-Quality Jasmine Wax Beads

Our premium wax beads contain natural ingredients like beeswax, jasmine extract, and skin-nourishing oils. The gentle formula provides superior hair removal with less irritation than store-bought waxes.

Jasmine oil calms and soothes skin during waxing sessions. Natural beeswax grips even the shortest, finest hairs. See why professional estheticians love our salon-quality wax!

Wax Any Area Painlessly

Our low-temperature jasmine wax beads allow you to comfortably wax delicate areas like face, bikini, and underarms right at home. The hard wax encapsulates hairs to remove quickly and gently without cloths.

Simply apply a thin layer of melted wax in the direction of hair growth. Let it harden, then flick off to pull hairs out effortlessly. Get precise professional results without the pain of soft waxing.

Get Salon-Smooth Skin That Lasts

Shaving and plucking only remove surface hairs, leaving stubble and irritation. Our waxing kit extracts hairs from the root for weeks of smooth, hair-free skin.

Natural oils and antioxidants prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. No more razor rash or embarrassing grow-back! Waxing also helps reduce hair growth over time for smoothness that lasts.

Everything You Need for DIY Waxing

This complete waxing kit provides professional tools for expert at-home waxing:

Digital wax warmer melts beads evenly
4 bags of natural jasmine wax beads (14.1oz total)
10 large and 10 medium applicators
10 precision brow applicators
5 silicone wax collars for sanitation
Pre-wax cleanser and post-wax oil
We take the guesswork out of waxing so you can remove hair like a pro! Get salon-quality smoothness without leaving home.

Pamper Yourself or Gift Waxing Luxury

Make every day a spa day and wax in the comfort of home. Or gift the Lifestance Waxing Kit to give your loved one the gift of salon-smooth skin.

Pamper yourself affordably or treat someone special to professional waxing results. Our comprehensive kit makes at-home waxing easy and effective.

Experience the luxury of salon-quality waxing with the Lifestance Waxing Kit. Our innovative digital warmer and natural wax beads deliver expert hair removal results without the hassle or expense of salons!


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