LiBa Amber Glass Spray Bottles 2 Pack – Protect Your Homemade Solutions in Style



Elevate your DIY potions and cleaning solutions with the LiBa Amber Glass Spray Bottles 2 Pack. These chic 16oz bottles keep your homemade concoctions pure while adding a touch of class to any space.

The dark amber tint blocks UV light to prevent ingredients like essential oils and bleach from degrading over time. Customize your spray with an adjustable nozzle that switches from mist to targeted jet.

Reuse these glass containers endlessly to reduce plastic waste! Avoid chemicals leaching into your mixtures with BPA-free construction. Create the perfect natural cleaning solutions and hair treatments with LiBa’s reusable spray bottles.

Protect Light-Sensitive Ingredients

Essential oils, vinegar, and cleaning agents like bleach lose their potency over time when exposed to light. The dark amber glass of LiBa’s spray bottles blocks UV rays from deteriorating your precious homemade mixtures.

The rich color keeps ingredients stable so your cleaning sprays stay fresher longer. Use them for all your aromatherapy and beauty needs without losing therapeutic properties. The pretty tint also keeps mixes looking pristine.

Endless DIY Possibilities

Get creative with these reusable spray bottles! Mix up natural cleaners like:

All-purpose cleaner with vinegar, water, and essential oils

Powerful bathroom scrub with baking soda and lemon juice

Streak-free window and glass cleaner with vinegar and water

Fresh linen spray with vodka and your favorite essential oil

Natural air freshener with filtered water and essential oils

Mix up custom hair treatments:

Refreshing sea salt beach waves spray

Soothing rosewater setting spray for curls

Stimulating peppermint and tea tree oil scalp tonic

Shine-boosting aloe vera and coconut oil spritz

Adjustable Sprayer For Any Job

Maximize the versatility of your homemade solutions with a 3-mode adjustable nozzle. Mist on large areas like counters and floors by setting it to a wide, gentle spray.

Need to target grout, windows, or shower walls? Adjust to a powerful jet stream to concentrate cleaning power where you need it. Shut it off completely for safe storage and refilling.

Reuse Over and Over to Reduce Waste

Plastic spray bottles seem convenient until you have to replace them over and over. LiBa’s glass spray bottles are designed for endless reuse.

Avoid plastic chemicals leaching into your mixtures with durable laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. No need to buy disposable bottles again and again!

Reuse these amber glass bottles indefinitely to reduce plastic waste. They’re easily recyclable when you’re finally done with them.

Premium Details

LiBa didn’t cut corners on the little details:

Leakproof seals keep mixtures fresh and prevent messy accidents

Ergonomic trigger provides comfortable spraying

Wide opening for easy refilling

Extended suction tube reaches every last drop

Clear markings for measuring your mixes

Secure grip for wet hands

Beautifully Functional

Who said function can’t be beautiful? LiBa’s Amber Glass Spray Bottles add a subtle elegance to any space.

Use them bedside for floral water sprays, in the bathroom for cleaning potions, or in your kitchen for olive oil and vinegars. The pretty amber tint dresses up your homemade solutions.

Give your home a little spritz of style with these reusable spray bottles! Protect your natural ingredients in sleek, sustainable style with LiBa.


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