lexSeries Blade Refills for FlexSeries Head Shaver – Keep Your Shave Refreshingly Smooth



Treat your scalp to a luxuriously smooth shave with fresh lexSeries replacement blades. Designed exclusively for the FlexSeries rotary head shaver, these blades let you maintain a close, irritation-free bald shave. The innovative 5-blade head glides effortlessly over the contours of your scalp.

Engineered to move with the natural shape of your head, the lexSeries blades won’t tug, pull or nick skin. New blades mean the precision-honed edges effortlessly slice through stubble for a polished look. Keep your FlexSeries performing like new with these easy snap-on replacement blades.

Refresh Blades for a Comfortable, Mess-Free Shave

Over time, razor blades become dull and tug at hairs, causing irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn. Don’t put up with lackluster shaves from worn out blades. The lexSeries replacement blades restore performance so you can enjoy a comfortable, bump-free shave again.

The 5-blade shaver head surrounds each hair with blades to slice cleanly in one pass. Less irritation means you can shave daily to maintain a flawlessly smooth pate. The blades even capture trimmed hairs in a chamber so cleanup is quick and easy.

Engineered for FlexSeries Rotary Shavers

LexSeries replacement blades are specially designed to be compatible with the Freebird FlexSeries shaver. The head snaps on and off effortlessly so you can swap in fresh blades in seconds. No tools required!

Each blade refill contains 1 complete shaver head with 5new stainless steel blades. The blades contour to the shape of your head for a personalized shave that hits every angle.

Treat your scalp to a refreshing shave! Change blades regularly to prevent irritation and keep your shaves baby smooth.

Maintain Peak Performance with Fresh Blades

Don’t settle for lackluster shaves from dull blades! As blades get used, microscopic nicks develop along the edges. These imperfections reduce cutting efficiency and drag across skin. This causes irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs.

The lexSeries replacement blades restore your FlexSeries shaver to factory fresh performance. The precision-honed edges glide effortlessly over skin for frictionless shaves. No skipping, tugging or razor burn.

The best way to extend the life of your shaver is by changing blades regularly. We recommend replacing the 5-blade head once every 4 months depending on your usage. Happy customers find changing blades seasonally keeps their FlexSeries shaving like new.

Engineered for Wet or Dry Shaving

The lexSeries replacement blades provide a comfortable shave, whether you prefer wet shaving with cream or dry shaving on the go. The durable blades hold their edge and won’t corrode like cheaper stainless steel.

For a wet shave, apply your favorite shave cream or gel to scalp and head. The waterproof lexSeries blades will glide smoothly over the lubricated skin. Rinsing away shave cream is easy thanks to the built-in debris chamber.

For dry shaving, the blades gently grab and slice through stubble without pulling or irritation. Keep your shaver close for on-the-go touch-ups. The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are gentle enough for daily dry shaving.

Silky Smooth Results Without Irritation

Traditional cartridge razors can cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs, especially along the sensitive scalp. The lexSeries rotary shaver surrounds each hair with 5 blades to slice below skin level in one pass. No repeated scraping means less irritation.

The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are gentle enough for men with sensitive skin. The smooth rounded edges won’t cut or nick like sharper traditional blades. Enjoy bump-free shaves day after day!

The FlexSeries contour-following head flexes to maintain full contact with your scalp. This helps the lexSeries blades cut every hair without irritating passes over the same area. No skipping or missing spots.

Designed to Make Shaving Easy

Shaving your head doesn’t need to be a chore. The lexSeries blades are designed for quick, easy cleaning and replacement. Simply rinse under water and wipe the debris chamber to remove trimmed hairs.

Swapping blades takes just seconds thanks to the quick release lock system. No need to remove the entire head! Just lift the shaver head cover and pop the blade cartridge off. Replace with a fresh set of 5 blades by snapping into place.

Enjoy the convenience of mess-free shaves anywhere with the lexSeries replacement blades. Whether you shave wet or dry, these blades will keep your head smoothly polished.

Trusted Quality from Freebird

The lexSeries blades are proudly made by Freebird, a trusted brand in men’s grooming. We are committed to using only the highest quality materials in our shavers and replacement parts.

Treat yourself to the close, comfortable shave you deserve and pick up a set of lexSeries blades today! Keep your FlexSeries performing like new with fresh blades delivered right to your door.


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