Leeshine Ice Roller – Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Complexion with this Cooling Facial Massager



Give your skin an instant pick-me-up with the Leeshine Ice Roller. This innovative dual-ended skincare tool provides a chilling facial massage to refresh, calm and de-puff your complexion.

Rolling the ergonomic device over your face helps constrict blood vessels to minimize dark circles, puffiness, redness and inflammation. The cold therapy also helps tighten pores, boost circulation and absorb your other skincare products more effectively.

One end features a large rolling head to cover cheeks, forehead and neck. The smaller end targets delicate areas like eyes, lips and nostrils. Regular use can even help prevent wrinkles and firm up skin over time.

The BPA-free plastic roller head remains freezing cold after being stored in the freezer. The insulated gel within prevents frost while remaining firm enough to gently massage facial muscles. Use after cleansing as part of your daily skincare routine.

Storing the roller in the included protective case keeps it clean and hygienic between uses. The sleek pink color and compact size also makes this facial massager easy to store and perfect for travel. Refresh your complexion anytime, whether at home, the office or on vacation.

Pamper your skin with the cooling touch of the Leeshine Ice Roller. Order yours today!


✔️ Minimizes puffiness and dark circles
✔️ Reduces redness and inflammation
✔️ Tightens pores and boosts circulation
✔️ Absorbs skincare products more effectively
✔️ Firms, sculpts and tones facial muscles
✔️ Portable size for travel and storage

How to Use:

Remove roller from freezer case and allow to sit for 1 minute before use.

Cleanse and apply skincare products to face.

Gently roll larger end over cheeks, forehead and neck using light pressure.

Use smaller end to massage eyes, lips and around nostrils.

Roll for 5-10 minutes until face feels chilled and refreshed.

Clean roller with soapy water and replace in case inside freezer.

Use daily or as needed for an instant cooling treat.

Give your complexion a boost and minimize signs of aging with the Leeshine Ice Roller! This must-have skincare tool makes at-home facials easy and enjoyable.


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