LeakLocks® Toiletry SkinsTM – Leakproof Your Liquids for Worry-Free Travel



Tired of messy leaks ruining your clothes and luggage when traveling? LeakLocks® Toiletry SkinsTM provide a simple solution to this aggravating problem.

These innovative leakproof sleeves stretch to fit snugly around toiletries, creating an impenetrable barrier that contains spills and drips during transit. No more arriving at your destination with shampoo exploding over everything!

Designed for travel-sized and regular bottles, the durable sleeves conform to seal in shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, makeup and more. The thermoplastic rubber material blocks leaks from air pressure changes, turbulence and baggage handling.

Reusable and latex-free, the 4 pack sleeves revert back to their original shape after each use. Just slip them over bottled items, toss in your carry-on or checked bag and never worry about leaks again. They provide peace of mind for carefree travels by air, car, train or cruise ship.

LeakLocks® Toiletry SkinsTM – the simple solution for stress-free, mess-free travel luggage.


⛑️ Latex-free thermoplastic rubber
⛑️ Creates leakproof barrier around bottles
⛑️ Prevents spills from air pressure changes
⛑️ Fits travel-sized and regular toiletries
⛑️ Reusable and easy to slip on/off
⛑️ Allows worry-free packing

How To Use:

Ensure bottles are tightly sealed before covering.

Stretch sleeve opening to fit snugly over top and bottom of bottle.

Bottle should be completely encased in sleeve with no gaps.

Once in place, bottle can be tipped or squeezed without leaks.

After arriving, gently remove sleeve which will revert to original shape.

Rinse and let air dry; sleeves can be reused many times.

No More Messy Surprises!

While air travel is incredibly convenient, nothing is more annoying than arriving to find shampoo exploded throughout your suitcase, destroying clothes and other items.

Toiletry Skins provide the perfect solution to this common mishap. The durable sleeves contain spills and prevent embarrassing leaks, so you can pack toiletries with total confidence.

Stop wasting money replacing ruined clothing and accessories. Travel freely knowing your luggage will stay neat and dry every time.

With LeakLocks® Toiletry SkinsTM, you can look forward to stress-free, mess-free vacations and trips. Safe travels!


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