Geeneiya Manga Lashes – Natural Look Anime False Eyelashes for Big Doll Eyes



Unlock the secret to effortlessly beautiful, fluttery manga eyes with the Geeneiya Manga Lashes. These natural wispy lashes are specially designed to create an eye-opening, doll-like look inspired by Japanese anime.

Alluring, Feathery-Light Lashes

Geeneiya Manga Lashes feature delicate clusters of lightweight lashes, made from premium quality PBT material. The fluttery 14mm lashes are arranged in a unique crossed and stacked design to create a naturally full, fanned out look. Each lash strip contains 7 classic wisps mixed with 6 crossed individual wisps, giving the effect of separated, dimensional lashes.

When applied, these feather-light lashes seamlessly blend with your natural lashes, giving the impression of naturally long, curled lashes. The slim 0.1cm clear band ensures the falsies hug your lashline invisibly for a seamless, barely-there look.

Flawlessly Natural Look

While many false anime lashes can look overly dramatic, the Geeneiya Manga Lashes are specially crafted to appear naturally enhancing. The wispy texture and arrangement of the lashes create a subtle fullness and doll-eyed look, without appearing costumey.

The clear lash band allows the falsies to blend imperceptibly with your real lashes. Made with a comfortable, flexible clear band, you’ll barely feel you’re wearing falsies.

Whether you’re looking for a daytime enhancement or a glam evening look, these fluttery lashes lend a natural, eye-opening lift suitable for any occasion.

Designed for Comfort and Lasting Wear

Geeneiya Manga Lashes are made for comfortable, long-lasting wear. The knot-free band flexes to fit your eye shape, so you can wear these falsies all day long without any pinching or discomfort.

The premium PBT material is durable yet ultra-lightweight. Each lash strip is 100% handmade for meticulous, even construction. The lashes are also easy to trim to fit your unique eye width.

Since high-quality lash bands hold curl better, these falsies will retain their feathery, flared shape wear after wear. No need for endless curling and primping. Just apply and go!

Every Lash Look Simplified

Get any eye look you want with one simple strip. The criss-crossed design allows you to create both natural and glamorous looks.

For daytime, focus mascara on the outer wisps to emphasize a subtle lift. Or swipe mascara through all lashes for fuller, defined eyes. The clear lash band will disappear, leaving behind only pretty, fanned out lashes.

Amp it up after dark by coating these falsies with mascara. The crossed lashes will catch the light beautifully, adding flirty dimension. Pair with smoky shadow, liner and bold lips for head-turning anime eyes.

Whether you’re a lash newbie or a pro, these pre-styled falsies make achieving any look easy peasy. Ditch lash curlers and opt for instant doll eyes, manga-style, with Geeneiya’s cleverly stacked lashes.

10 Pairs for Endless Looks

This lash set comes with 10 pairs of reusable falsies, so you can switch up your look daily. At this price, you can refresh your lashes every few weeks to ensure the best wear.

Store unused pairs in the included case to keep lashes clean and protected in your makeup bag. With proper care, these handmade lashes can last up to 20 wears each.

Never be caught with naked eyes again. With 10 pairs of Geeneiya Manga Lashes in your collection, you’ll have flirty falsies for every occasion!

How to Apply Geeneiya Manga Lashes

Applying false lashes can seem intimidating, but these manga-style lashes make the process super simple:

Size and trim bands to fit your eye width, if needed. Do this carefully and conservatively, only snipping off excess length.
Apply lash glue (not included) along the lash band and wait 10 seconds until tacky. Position as close to your lash line as possible.
Using tweezers, gently squeeze the lash band to conform the lashes to your natural lash curve. Hold for 30 seconds.
Once secured, gently pinch real and false lashes together with lash applicator or fingers. This helps them blend seamlessly.
Apply mascara if desired, focusing on real and fake lashes to blend together. Avoid heavy mascara over the lash band.
Love Your New Geeneiya Manga Lashes!

Experience the transformative power of falsies with Geeneiya’s cleverly stacked Manga Lashes. These natural wispy lashes make it easy for anyone to achieve stunning, wide open doll eyes in minutes.

Order your set today and unlock the secret to batting fluttery, anime-inspired lashes with minimal effort. Your new favorite falsies are just a click away!


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