Don’t Let Your Hairstyle Fall Flat – Stay Styled All Day With Colorful, Damage-Free Hair Ties!



Tired of flimsy hair ties that can’t hold a style or pull and snag your hair? Want hair accessories that are functional AND fun? Look no further than this 120 pack of multicolored thick hair elastics!

These no-damage hair bands are specially designed for medium to thick hair that needs a little extra hold. Made of soft, stretchy material, they keep ponytails, buns, and other updos in place without painful tugging or crimped strands. The comfortable, twist-to-secure fit also prevents frustrating slippage while you’re on the go.

Whether you’re a busy mom, a fitness fanatic, or just a girl with great hair, frustrating flyaways and fallen follicles will be a thing of the past. Now you can keep your look locked down and flawless no matter what life throws your way. Rain or shine, work or play, these functional and fashionable hair elastics have the strength and staying power to take on ANY activity!

Stay Savvy AND Stylish

Tired of basic black and brown hairbands? Our vibrant 120 pack adds a fun pop of color to any outfit or occasion! Choose from 5 bright hues – purple, orange, green, blue, and pink. With enough to coordinate with every ensemble, you’ll always have the perfect accessory.

Make getting gorgeous quick and easy by matching hair elastics to your outfit or mood. Contrast with bold brights when you want to make a statement or complement with similar shades for a more elegant tone-on-tone look. With 24 elastics in every color, the styling possibilities are endless!

Ready for Beauty ON DEMAND?

Who has time for a bad hair day? Our multi-pack is designed to keep your mane flawless morning, noon and night!

Stash hair ties throughout your home, office, car and bag so you’re never without one when you need it. With 120 total bands, you’ll always have backups and extras wherever your busy day takes you. No more hassle or wasted time hunting for a hair elastic that works. Just grab and go for hairstyling at the speed of life!

Whether you’re wrangling kids, tackling a grueling workout, prepping for a big presentation, or getting glammed up for a night out, you can count on these hairbands to keep every strand in place.

Ditch Damage & Snagging For Good

Tugging and ripping hair is a thing of the past with our smooth, snag-free design! These comfortable elastics gently secure your style without painful pulling, crimping, or breakage. The 4mm width disperses tension evenly and the twist-to-tighten application prevents looped-end pinching.

The result? All-day hold WITHOUT annoyance, slippage or hair headache. No more sore scalp or broken strands! Our damage-free hairbands keep your locks healthy, secure and under control.

Designed FOR Real Life

Pretty but useless? Not these ponytail holders! Our elastics are made for durability, holding up to the wear and tear of your active lifestyle. They retain their stretch and rebound after repeated all-day use. We also use colorfast dyes to prevent staining as the bands age. Because the LAST thing you need is a green ear from a worn-out hair tie!

Dependable and hassle-free, these stretchy bands have your back when you need serious holding power. Pull them as tight as you need to secure slick updos, thick braids, curly ‘fros, and difficult buns that want to slip loose. No more playing stylist every 30 minutes to fix fallen tresses and stray flyaways! Our non-slip grip keeps styles where they belong – out of your face and on point!

Simple to put on and take off, they won’t tangle or snarl hair when removed. Just twist away from the scalp and slide off for quick styling changes on the go. No ellastic induced chaos!

Let Your Hair Be The True Star

Pull together polished looks for any occasion without damage, snags, or slipped styles. Stay confident and photo-ready from work meeting to night out. No more bad hair emergencies with this set handy!

With frustration-free styling, you can focus on rocking cascading locks, flawless braids and picture-perfect ponytails instead of fighting unruly hair all day.

Whether you’re a hair style aficionado or just want hassle-free, damage-free hold that gets the job done, you’ll love the convenience and performance of these multicolored elastics. Ditch flimsy frustrating bands for good and discover the effortless styling secret savvy women swear by!


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