Discover Salon-Style Beach Waves at Home with the NOATOKE 3 Barrel Curling Iron



Achieve gorgeous, natural-looking curls in minutes with the NOATOKE 3 Barrel Curling Iron. Designed with innovative triple-barrel technology, this waver styling wand makes it quick and easy to get voluminous, beach-inspired waves without the hassle of tangled hair. Whether you have short or long locks, this versatile curling iron works magic on all hair types and textures.

Triple the Barrels, Triple the Volume

What sets this waver apart is the unique three barrel design. The 1-inch ceramic barrels are lined up next to each other, allowing you to section and style larger amounts of hair at one time. No more having to laboriously wrap tiny strands around a single barrel! The triple barrel construction evenly distributes heat to hair for consistent, even curling and less damage.

The result? Beautiful, bouncy curls with lots of body and movement that last all day. Get a head-turning, salon-worthy ‘do in a fraction of the time and with much less arm fatigue compared to traditional curling wands.

High, Even Heat for Frizz-Free Waves

Inside each of the tourmaline ceramic barrels is an advanced PTC heating element that heats up in just 60 seconds. Adjust the temperature up to 221°C/430°F and lock in your ideal heat setting with the easy-access buttons on the handle. The high heat smooths the cuticle and seals in moisture, giving your waves a glossy, frizz-free finish.

The distribution of heat across three barrels instead of one also protects hair from excessive concentration in one spot. This minimizes exposure to harsh temperatures and decreases the chances of heat damage. Say goodbye to limp, lifeless waves and hello to bouncy, conditioned curls!

360° Swivel Cord for Easy Styling

The extra-long 360° swivel power cord provides tangle-free styling and flexibility to curl hair from any angle. No snags or pulls – just smooth, continuous motion as you wrap sections around the barrel. The cool tip at the end of the barrels protects fingers from accidental burning.

The smooth, ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable, non-slip grip. Curl with your dominant or non-dominant hand with ease. The curling iron is also dual voltage (100-240V) making it perfect for salon-quality waves at home or abroad.

Versatile Styling for All Hair Types

Short, long, fine, thick – this three barrel curling iron is effective on almost any hair type!

Short Hair: Add playful body and shape by creating tight curls or loose waves close to the roots. Layer hair products to maximize texture and volume.
Long Hair: Curl mid-length strands and ends, leaving roots smooth for a beach goddess look with movement. Add curls just at the bottom for a cute flip effect.
Thin/Fine Hair: Wrap larger sections around each barrel to avoid flattened strands. Use a volumizing mousse and finish with hairspray.
Thick/Coarse Hair: Section hair in 1-2 inch pieces to ensure even curl distribution. Add shine serum or oil for smooth, defined texture.

Tips for Three Barrel Waver Success

Section clean, dry hair before curling. Use clips to separate top, sides, and back.
Set the temperature based on your hair thickness. Start around 160°C/320°F and adjust up or down as needed.
For defined curls, wrap hair tightly around the barrel and hold for 5-8 seconds. For loose waves, wrap loosely and hold for less time.
Curl away from your face on the sides and alternate directions in the back. Let curls cool before gently finger combing.
Finish with a light hold hairspray for lasting frizz protection and flexible hold.

Premium Features

Tourmaline ceramic coating for even heat distribution and less damage
Fast 60 second heat up to max temp of 221°C/430°F
Adjustable temperature settings for customized styling
360° tangle-free swivel cord prevents snags and pulls
Worldwide dual voltage for travel (100-240V)
Automatic safety shut-off after 60 minutes of inactivity
1-year warranty included

Everything You Need for Salon-Style Waves

Inside the box you’ll find:

3 Barrel Curling Iron Wand (125mm barrels)
2 Heat-resistant glove
Storage bag
Instruction manual
Transform limp locks into gorgeous, beachy waves in minutes at home with the NOATOKE 3 Barrel Curling Iron. Experience the magic of triple barrel curling power!


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