Detoxify and Rejuvenate Skin with MainBasics’ Activated Charcoal Loofah Set



Treat yourself to a purifying scrubbing experience with MainBasics’ set of 3 ultra-soft charcoal loofah poufs. The incredibly fine weave gently exfoliates while activated charcoal draws out impurities for fresh, glowing skin.

Luxuriously Plush Woven Mesh

Our loofah sponges feature a premium lush mesh, crafted from ultra-fine filaments for a delicate luxurious feel. The dense, bountiful pouf generates mounds of rich lather to gently cleanse away dullness.

Infused with Detoxifying Activated Charcoal

In addition to exfoliating away dull skin cells, our loofahs contain activating charcoal powder. As you lather, the charcoal helps pull out and trap impurities lodged deep in pores. Rinses away for clarified, refined looking skin.

Deep Cleansing Without Harsh Scratching

While providing thorough exfoliating action, our loofah’s incredibly soft texture ensures zero harsh scratching or irritation. Gently polishes away dull skin cells without leaving rawness. Safe even for delicate areas.

Maximizes Lather Using Less Product

Thanks to the abundant woven surface area, our pouf design lets you whip up mounds of lush lather using very little soap or body wash. Helps locking in moisture as it sweeps away dull surface skin.

Hanging Loop for Quick Drying

Each loofah includes an attached hanging loop for easy storage to promote drying between uses and prevent bacteria buildup. Easily hooks onto any shower rod or bathroom hook when not scrubbing.

3 Poufs for the Whole Family

Our set includes 3 loofahs so everyone can enjoy their own detoxing pouf. Keep a spare on hand for replacing monthly. Share the purification!

Neutral Design Matches Any Decor

With their understated neutral gray tone, our loofahs complement any bathroom’s look and decor. Discreetly stylish.

Monthly Replacement Recommended

For optimal hygiene, we suggest replacing your loofah every 4 weeks or so. Our affordable 3-pack makes it easy to swap out each month for a fresh start.

Pamper Yourself Daily

Detoxify and rejuvenate skin anytime with our loofah’s gentle deep cleansing! Bring the purifying spa experience home to enjoy daily. Feel refreshed from head to toe.

Gift the Gift of Glowing Skin

Treat a friend to our luxe loofah set for the ultimate at-home spa treatment! An affordable yet pampering gift. Add a set to your cart now.


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